Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There will always be weddings

Oh to be a bride in the 1900s where you wore corsets that had whale bone sewn into
 them to give you a 20 inch waist, outch!
The 1930's brought hard times and more simplicity to weddings. 
A simple ceremony in front of a judge
 was the norm in those days.
In the 1940s you were likely to get married and have your husband shipped off to war the next day!
In the 1950s you might actually have a real washing machine and an ice box ! 
Weddings were having a comeback with large parties 
and big bouquets of flowers. The war was over and things in the states were  
getting back to normal.
The 1960's brought the summer of love and burning your bra but many girls kept to tradition and looked like Pracilla Presley on their wedding day!


Feathers and Flight said...

Hello Sweet Cindy!
My Parents fit into the Simplicity Category I think. They where Children of the Depression so being Frugal was a Must.In fact I have my Mothers Beautiful Suit. However My Wedding Dress was the Classic 80's Foofey thing! Lol! It included a Big Horseshoe of Lace on the Front! I guess I was thinking I could use all the Luck I could Get!Lol!
I am sorry I have fallen behind on getting Back to you. Thank You for Your Patience with me. My Youngest Katelyn has been sick and Sporting a significant Fever. She is feeling a bit Better today. Relief!
Thank you so Much for your Visits and Support! I still can't believe That my piece will be Published!Still Doing the Happy Dance!
Happy Wednesday!

Trisha said...

Oh I love weddings so much, especially the history and tradition of them. It's amazing how things change but eventually it all comes back full circle! Love this post!


Janet Ghio said...

Love your wedding phtos through the years!

Devonay said...

Love the pics! My parents had a traditional wedding in 1965. I dearly love to look through the wedding albumn in black and white.

A Vintage Chic said...

Hi, Cindy! Just found you through Charlene's blog...so nice to meet you! I'm a vintage-loving girl, too...love these wedding photos through the ages...beautiful!

I'll be following along. Hope you're having a wonderful night!


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