Friday, January 27, 2012

Smile for the camera you Vintage Brides!

A photographer's life is always in peril, 
taking photos of Brides and a Groom named Merrill.
The Brides were the worst until he met Mertle, 

she couldn't care less, 
she'd been doomed to marry 
"the turtle."
Mary was cherry and rayes of sunshine till she stood at the alter and smelled moonshine.
She smacked the groom right there in the face, then smiled to her mother with that sweet southern grace.
She said "don't worry mother he really likes to farm, he's just a little stressed out he meant no harm."
The groom gained his smile then his senses,
he'd be gone each day, out ridin' fences,
He'd leave early morning and ride out full speed,
tending to his crop some called wacky weed.
Now Dora had a temper and her sister Flora who, 
no angle was right to please those two.
They favored their father at the age of fifty-two, 

their faces as pretty as a worn out shoe.
But the camera man tried with all his might,
lowered her veil and even the light.
He finally gave up and ran out the back his only suggestion, to the groom to "buy her a sack!"
Now Flora's bo came from the upper east side sector,
to bad he looked just like Hannibal Lecter!
Gilda was thirteen when she met "Mickey the Mauler",
if only been been a few inches taller.
He was a bouncer by day and a wrestler at night,
he wasn't to smart, he'd had too many fights. 
They were a band of actors, a traveling show,
the star of the stage, the younger son Joe.
He met his girl Ida in a town named Tuscon,
married her the next day before they had to move on.
They had a sale on hats the day of the wedding,
problem was, the hats kept shedding.
The finest beaver, but the store clerk lied,
the deal was not over, they'd soon have his hide!
What do you do when you have twelve sisters?
Pair them up with twelve handsome misters!
Edna always had a flair for drama,
it was a secret to no one, she got it from mama!
Her veil was as long as the bolt would allow,
the dinner following was daddy's fattest cow!
Now the Vanderbull's affair was a highbrow affair, the maids all fluffed up for a bride called Blair.
They seemed such a nice group all lined up single file,
 but the legend said she was a witch,
unjustly taken to trial!

Just a bit of fun for the weekend. Enjoy the photos! To go back to the party, click on:  


Nelly said...

that was such a fun read lol

debi huntsman said...

Great post! Thanks for the chuckle!

Kim said...

Wonderful...and so much fun...thanks!xo

A Vintage Chic said...

Wonderful, Cindy! Love all the photos, of course--and you're story poem was fabulous! Thanks for sharing & giving me a smile this morning!

Hope your weekend is just lovely, my friend...


Sarah said...

Can't decide which I enjoyed most...the pictures, the delightful poems, or the pixie dust on your page. Fun way to start the day!

Vintage Green said...

Cindy that was wonderful!! I too have a fairly large collection of vintage wedding photos. The bouquets on many of them are amazing. And you are right, some of them are "interesting" to say the least. Great poetry!!

Lisa Phillippi said...

These are amazing and your captions are tooo funny! I have bought some old photos and need to scan them in and give them a new life!

Rebecca said...

Love these photo's and your sense of humor!
That last one of the bride's maids are a stitch.
Thanks for stopping by!
Wish I could make the Cowgirl workshop... hear that noise, it's me stomping my foot :)

Charlene said...

Some of those are histerical!!!! And now I know I wasn't the only UGLY bride... I'll tell you the story some day. Let's just put it this way... Mother made my dress!

I had a blast today. THANK YOU for helping, sharing, laughing & teaching. Love ya girlfriend!

Jill ~*Feathers and Flight*~ said...

Oh My Gosh Cindy! These are a Hoot! Your Pics are Fabulous! I Love seeing the Wedding Parties! What an Evolution of Style.
Have a Wonderful Tuesday and thanks for Sharing!

Tricia said...

You are a hoot! Laughed a lot, especially with my profession!
Thanks for your wit!

fatmi said...

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