Sunday, December 12, 2010

You know I really didn't mind that I had a gecko living in my mailbox, I think he was a nice gecko who had a family and has been living in there for months. I thought we had an agreement, neither of us would bother the other! UNTIL yesterday, I pull up to the mailbox, pull out my mail and put it in the passenger seat, little did I know I had another passenger!!
OMG! All of a sudden I look down and I have this gecko clinging to the front of my sweater!!!! I'm sure he was screaming in gecko language as loud as I was, well actually I can't say what I was screaming but we were both equally as shocked to be that close proximity ! I swerved, he swerved on my chest, after almost wetting my pants, hitting the curb and flinging the car door open, HE WOULD NOT LET GO!
 The little bugger held on like he was going for 8 seconds on a bull called Loco! Finally I flung the poor guy into the monkey grass then ran around doing the icky dance for another 8 seconds! Then of coarse ran in the house changed my sweater, in case he wet HIS pants and went to the loo.  Ah the holidays, ya never know what Santa has up his sleeve!


gracie said...

Oh, the poor little thing...I mean poor you! Do you think he will move back in the mailbox? Maybe he was trying to give you a Christmas greeting!!!!lol When we first moved from RI to AZ, the lizards seemed to be everywhere. We had one in the garage, but he ran out the following morning. I guess he decided there was nothing special about being there. I have learned to tap the newspaper along the gate so as not to take any inside....

Debbie said...

I just want to say "Thanks" for making me Laught this morning. I love your story telling, I can just see you dancing around with that poor little lizard (not) clinging to you for dear life. I'm sure he'll be just fine, I hear those gecko's got great insurance. Thanks again, have a great maybe less eventful week. If you could do me a favor and drop by my blog and give me some feed back I would greatly appreciate it. I really adore your's and would love your opinion.

Thanks, thanks again and again.

Trisha said...

I can completely relate! One year, at Christmas, my cousins decided it would be funny to throw a lizard on me since they knew I was afraid of them. It ended up getting stuck in my hair and I was screaming like a crazy person until someone was finally able to untangle it. I will never forget that lovely memory or how much I still hate lizards!!


Feathers and Flight said...

Oh Cindy! I Love this Story! Thank you for making me Laugh!It is so Wonderful to be able to tell on ourselves a little bit once in a While!
Thank you for stopping by and your Most Sweet Comments! You made my Day!
Happy Monday Sweet Cindy!
And May there be No More Gecko Passengers in the Future for you! Lol!

Charlene said...

I almost wet my pants laughing at this!!!! YOU ARE LOCO!!!!!!!! I miss you!!!! We need to fix this issue! Thanks for the sweet words about Elf. Her Daddy is smitten. I like her but.... HUGS!

Catherine said...

Hi Cindy! Thanks for stopping by my images blog! Oh my goodness.. I laughed until I cried at this story - SO funny! That poor little Geko - his feet do look a bit "sticky" in that photo! LOL! And poor you... I think I would have had to change my pants too, in addition to my sweater! Thanks for sharing this - it really made my day!

Feathers and Flight said...

Oh Cindy! I could not stop thinking about your Funny Story! I hope you don't Mind.. I Linked your Blog with my "Bliss Angels' Post because it was so Cute! I will be more than Happy to remove the Link if you don't Feel Comfortable about.
Thank You for Sharing again!

Lisa said...

Ah ha ha ha!! Another run in with the lizard! YOu poor, poor thing! I'm laughing so hard again!! This is so stinkin funny!!

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