Friday, January 27, 2012

Smile for the camera you Vintage Brides!

A photographer's life is always in peril, 
taking photos of Brides and a Groom named Merrill.
The Brides were the worst until he met Mertle, 

she couldn't care less, 
she'd been doomed to marry 
"the turtle."
Mary was cherry and rayes of sunshine till she stood at the alter and smelled moonshine.
She smacked the groom right there in the face, then smiled to her mother with that sweet southern grace.
She said "don't worry mother he really likes to farm, he's just a little stressed out he meant no harm."
The groom gained his smile then his senses,
he'd be gone each day, out ridin' fences,
He'd leave early morning and ride out full speed,
tending to his crop some called wacky weed.
Now Dora had a temper and her sister Flora who, 
no angle was right to please those two.
They favored their father at the age of fifty-two, 

their faces as pretty as a worn out shoe.
But the camera man tried with all his might,
lowered her veil and even the light.
He finally gave up and ran out the back his only suggestion, to the groom to "buy her a sack!"
Now Flora's bo came from the upper east side sector,
to bad he looked just like Hannibal Lecter!
Gilda was thirteen when she met "Mickey the Mauler",
if only been been a few inches taller.
He was a bouncer by day and a wrestler at night,
he wasn't to smart, he'd had too many fights. 
They were a band of actors, a traveling show,
the star of the stage, the younger son Joe.
He met his girl Ida in a town named Tuscon,
married her the next day before they had to move on.
They had a sale on hats the day of the wedding,
problem was, the hats kept shedding.
The finest beaver, but the store clerk lied,
the deal was not over, they'd soon have his hide!
What do you do when you have twelve sisters?
Pair them up with twelve handsome misters!
Edna always had a flair for drama,
it was a secret to no one, she got it from mama!
Her veil was as long as the bolt would allow,
the dinner following was daddy's fattest cow!
Now the Vanderbull's affair was a highbrow affair, the maids all fluffed up for a bride called Blair.
They seemed such a nice group all lined up single file,
 but the legend said she was a witch,
unjustly taken to trial!

Just a bit of fun for the weekend. Enjoy the photos! To go back to the party, click on:  

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cat Jail with Lovie and Lucy

Isn't it hard to believe when you look at this cute face that she was partners in crime with her older sister Lucy, a.k.a Lucifer, in having the Po-Po called to my house! I had just left the house...
.....they were all cuddled up, acting so innocent, until the back door shuts and they hear the garage door shut, and,
They went into the laundry room, jumped up and dumped all the baskets down which hit the washer and dryer which set off the alarm. Then I assume that's when they ran into the kitchen, hit their food bowls sending them flying off the counter breaking all three. Then my husband gets home, the Po-Po- is here and Joey has to show the policeman the destruction made by two BAD kittens who are sitting on the couch, ears perked up like "who me?'

While our poor older kitty Emmi is going into a CATatonic shock from the demons that have been wrecking the house and then looking at the policeman like,"TAKE THE MONSTERS AWAY!"
Now as I write this to you, Lovie is pleading the fifth , and gives me this look as I take her photo like, "It was all that other cat, I'm too cute to do such a thing!'

I came back to this post to add that I closed this down for the night, took a bath, in which she fell in and proceeded to try to disembowel me as I'm trying to fling this clawing squirming crazy cat out of the bath, grab her and my towel but missed her and she ran to the bed sopping wet and wakes my husband up screaming, "Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, why is she all wet!!" So now I'm laughing so hard I can't keep my towel on me and dry her and my husband off at the same time, thinking to myself, as I have so many times, is this what's it's like to have toddlers? If so how did you mothers out there do it without huge consumptions of wine and chocolate? What? Oh it did take both! Cheers to you!

P.S. I just turned on the garbage disposal and thought OMG what on earth is that noise....a toy mouse! Now we can add a plumber to the bill! Lord help me!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sweet Salvage and Sweet Friends

I just returned from a great trip visiting my friend 
Karen Valentine in Phoenix! 
We ate and shopped for almost four days. 
My jeans and my suitcase were busting at the seams!
The best shopping extravaganza was at Sweet Salvage on 
Thursday.Christie Repasy was the featured artist and it was so hard not to buy one one of her pieces but 
I knew it wouldn't fit in my suitcase.
Here's Christie with one of her number one fans, Judy, who not only had a gift certificate given to her by her family and friends,which she promptly used on one on Christie's paintings, but got to be the first VIP customer in the door!! Trust me if you had seen the line of eager customers waiting outside you would understand why this was such a treasured gift and win!
Chrisit's booth was the best of shabby chic. 
Her artwork was scattered 
through out the booth and went perfectly with everything.
Vintage Valentines and romantic items were everywhere, 
I had such a hard time choosing what I could buy that I could fit in my suitcase.
This lace screen had me drooling the moment I stepped in 
the door. I wanted this so bad I could hardly stand it! 
If it's still there and anyone is coming to Texas, 
I'll buy you a giant Texas steak dinner if you deliver!!
The frame for this piece was wonderful. 
This photo just does not give it justice.
and so much fun.
This cabinet grabbed my attention because of all the old photos!
Tea anyone?
Did I buy this? HA, do you even need to ask! Of course I bought this! The photo is in much better shape than it looks, it's just the photographer and,the fact that I couldn't make the flash turn off on my camera. 
Equipment failure, yea that's it!!!
Yep, this one too!

Loved it but it wouldn't fit! LuLu can you hear me...,
......scream and stomp my foot because I couldn't buy these! I know what you're thinking, ship it all home, but once I opened that door I would have bought everything in the store.As it was I had to give the skycap a big tip and said,"This suitcase couldn't be over 50 pounds, look I can pick it up!" (Oh Owww, groan, I think I pulled my pancreas)
This glider was only $200 and it was in great shape. 
I think this was sold 5 minutes after the doors were open! 
I'd put a coat of pink paint on this and call it perfect!
I was like a diabetic in a candy store, I had to control myself which was near impossible. I could have taken home everything here. It just made my pea brain squeal with delight!
This lovely lady was all smiles right before the doors open, I bet she was exhausted by the end of the sale! 
Thank you Sweet Salvage for a great adventure. I hope I can come back again soon. SS is open only once a month but it's well worth the wait! They do all the hard work of picking all month and then turn aroundand let customers like me scoop everything up. Their prices were exceptional and the collection of stuff was wonderful.

Thank you again to my partner in crime and great friend Karen 
for being a gracious host and a wonderful friend!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's time to clean out my closet but I can't get rid of these!

I know it's that time of year again when I need to clean out my closet but I just can't bring myself to get rid of my old favorites. The boots with this outfit just kill my feet but this outfit just makes me feel so skinny!
What's a cat lover to do but join them! I can't 
get the kittens to leave my feathers 
alone when I wear this!
A little understated but still a doozie, 
just love all those stars!
OK, so I was channeling my inner Medusa 
when I wear this, a girl has the right to get 
testy every once in awhile!
Is this what they call a bubble butt?
 Junk in the trunk? 
I call this my Lucile Ball outfit. 
Remember the episode when she tries to be 
a showgirl and she keeps falling down the stairs??
Well what else is a girl suppose to wear 
to a fish fry?
"On the shores of gitchi goomie........", 
or something like that.
OK, well this one may have to go, 
the horse does take up a lot of room 
even though he is stuffed!
I know, I know, it make my but look big but,
 I can dust the house in one swoop!
 This is a summer pants outfit, 
you can use the hat as a fan!
 This is a double-wide fan built for two!
Of course I have enough outfits for larger parties too! Can't you just see Me, Charlene, Karen, Diane, 
Dawn, and Rhonda. No last names here!!! 
And for Trisha with her cat sanctuary, 
I can't leave her out, 
I have enough outfits for a whole kaboodle of kittens!
And for that rowdy Round Top gang, 
you know who you are, 
these outfits I'll save just for you!
Now these outfits I have saved for all my Junior League friends, they're a bit more classy don't cha' think?
Like birds of a feather, 
we bloggers stick together!
~Ziegfeld Follies Photos
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