Monday, August 29, 2011

I hate Hurricane Irene, but not why you think.....

I do not pink puffy heart Hurricane Irene! My sweet friend LuLu Kellogg is drowning in the effects of this hurricane, but could this stupid storm come anywhere near Texas? Can you say, "OH HELL NO!" 
Not one drop, not one stinking percentage of humidity! We're drying , and dying down here in Texas and Irene drops a million gallons of water on the East Coast, but we got nothin'! Even our cows are trying to leave!
Our lakes look like Joan Rivers before plastic surgery!
Our windmills are still working but there's no water to pump!
The only pet you can leave outside for more than 20 minutes is a Horned Toad who's so dried dried up he can't even squirt blood out of his eyes!
We missed our beautiful bluebonnets,
and our beautiful lake sunsets.
We ended up with dried up cactus and Mesquite trees,
And instead of a beautiful lake we end up with the smallest size of a kiddie pool because we're on water restrictions!
So Miss LuLu I'm with you, Hurricane Irene, you suck!


Rhonda said...

Right On Cindy! Arizona is so dry, too! I miss rain and water in general so much! I had no idea you were that dry.

Luckily, everyone I know on the east coast is safe but others were not as fortunate.

Valerie said...

I feel you, being in the Texas Hill Country myself, our cacti are even dying and shriveling up! We need rain soon!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Oh dear, I wish I could give you some of this water! We surely have too much! Maybe the next one will come your way - I hope so! Love, Linda

Karen Valentine said...

Welcome to MY world girlfriend!!! LOL! Sorry, I wouldn't wish that kind of weather on anybody!!
Hope you are well. I'm gonna try and call you tomorrow!!

Charlene said...

YOU have such a way with words!!! YOU & LuLu! But, I pink puffy heart you both. I heard on the TV that next week is the end of the 100 degrees for us in Texas. DO YOU BELIEVE THAT? NO!!!!!!!!!!! But, what about the rain? I don't want as much as Irene but, really send some our way. I will make you sick & tell you when we left San Luis O. last night it was 58 degrees. Don't hate me!!! We'll come out for you to see this someday soon. Hubby said you called to chat on Saturday. See you soon. Miss you HUGS!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Irene truly did NOT get any pink puffy heart love from me!!!

You are so funny Cindy.....I had a good giggle about that Horned Toad!! A face only a mother could love!!!

Here's to hoping you get some rain soon!!


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