Thursday, November 24, 2011

WARNING! Estate and Garage Sales can be Hazardous to your Health!

Yep, Estate sales can be hazardous to your health! Garage sales too! A couple of weeks ago I went to a great Estate sale that had so much fun stuff to pick through.
There was an old shed out back just filled with all kinds of rusted bolts and tons of old relics of everything! SO, I bought this old metal cabinet. It was small, only about 12x12 but yucky and rusty and just begging to be dumped out and cleaned out. Well when I dumped everything out, an old vile of MERCURY fell out and almost broke. There looked like there was another vile that might have broken so I gathered it all up, double bagged it, scrubbed myself down and took it to the hazardous dump site! YIKES!!!
There has always been the risk of going into old buildings living down here in Texas so I  have always tried to keep a pair of gloves in the car just in case. But as good intentions go, I got lazy and quit wearing them. Yesterday I got a phone call from a friend who said she had been bitten...
by a Brown Recluse Spider. It wasn't a bad bite but she got to the ER and she's not really sure it was a Brown Recluse but it was a spider bite but she was taking any chances. I won't even show you the photos of what can happen if it goes untreated. I mean Yucky to the tenth degree! Horrible treatments and possible scaring.Eek.
So, just in case you see an Estate Sale sign that you just can't resist, just be careful, wear your gloves and be careful what you bring home.
My new rule is to open and clean everything in the garage before I bring it into the house!!


Angela Richardson said...

Hi Cindy,
A spider bite sound horrible. I'll picture you now, dressed like those children, rooting around in the sheds.
Hugs, Angela.

Debbie said...

You had me at Spider Bite!!!
Be safe in your treasure hunting!!


Rhonda said...

Oh yeah, so true, Cindy. This post is a reminder that especially hits close to home. I found a brown recluse spider at the top of staircase, on the ceiling. We got rid of it but are there more?
Where did it come from? I'm terrified of them.

Love that last picture, so darn cute!! xo R

C'est moi Claudette said...

Is that first pic a pic of an Estate in Texas???
I thought an Estate was a little more glamorous than that.... or is that the shed. I can't tell, lol.
I never go to any of those, but I was in a pretty yucky thrift shop.
HOLY CRAP, know I know what I brought home with me Cindy. It just came to me.....I posted about it.
Many girlfriend I'm loosing it HA
Love You from Canada

Gayle said...

And here I was just worried about breathing in all sorts of rodent type "stuff" you have me worried about spiders too!!! lol

Charlene said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww yuky! LOVE that photo of the two kids there at the end. Sooooooooo funny. Hope I don't get chosen for jury duty so we can have lunch next week. HUGS!

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