Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Harleys and Hounds" Annual Fur Ball by Rescue the Animals

The annual Fur Ball in Abilene, Texas came off without a howl! They sold out of tickets and a great time was had by all. This is Jake the pug who steels the show every year! His Harley outfit was a scream. You might not be able to tell but he has on a leather jacket and blue jeans! He lets his owner just carry him around and show him off. They both were shook a leg in the small dog dance, but, he didn't win, he was robbed!
Adorable banner! A lot of Harley riders showed up with their dogs, both all dressed in their leathers!
A face only his "muddah" could love!
Harley love!
Where dog are invited to sit at the table with their own treats. These cute blonds were having a great time!
Two hot chicks out on the town.
This lil' cutie had all the boy dogs trailing after her!
Nuf said......
Just adorable!
Cutie pie with a Keith Richards hair!
It was hard to get photos that weren't blurry,
they were all so excited it was hard to stay still!
The Harley store in town must have been wiped out for this event. 
My favorite was the PINK!
This lil' guy was so tired he could hardly keep his eyes open!
Even poodles can be "Bad to the Bone!"
My mom, Mary and one of the head organizers, Jo Ann.
I think they both looked cute.
I should have bought my mom some leather pants!
Jo Ann and yours truly.
Time to sign off with Jake. After his photo was taken by everyone he was ready to go home for a nap!
The reason we were all there. Rescue the Animals of Abilene works overtime to help as many animals as they can. They are on Facebook if you'd like to see more!


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Cindy those are such cute pictures!! What a fun time it looks like you had!

artbywendy said...

what an awesome event! They all look so cute... wish I could take one home! :O)

KT Did said...

What a great turnout! I miss my Murray riding with me, he moves around now too much but still enjoys the attention at the events. Fun pics!

Rhonda said...

Cindy, you are the BEST medicine a girl can have. I laughed and laughed at these images. OMG - what a hoot.

My fur baby is a long hair 4 pound chihuahua - who as a little puppy would never allow me to dress her up. I hope this doesn't get around, that I would allow a puppy to boss me.
She still does...oy!!

just me... jan said...

What a FABULOUS event!!!! Owning my own rescue dog I can truly appreciate the efforts of your friends. Looks like y'all had a blast!
just me...thinkin' Jake is pretty cha cha...jan

C'est moi Claudette said...

What a great turnout for all fur babies at the Abilene Animal Shelter. Your mom looks hot even without the leather pants... but I agree, you should have bought a pair. Not everyone can wear leather... if you know what I mean.
Yes even A FRENCH white poodle can be "bad", lol.
i know you have cats Cindy, but do you have a dog?? I forget.
Happy weekend friend.
It snowed here yesterday so everything is pretty in white... like that poodle.
Sending you Canadian hugs all the way to Texas.

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