Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Creative mind of Tricia Fountaine

I'd like for you to meet Tricia Fountaine of 
Conversations with the Muses
I have loved her blog from the very beginning and have followed her themed weddings. She has a fabulous location on a private ranch in Santa Barbara that grows avocados. The owners soon realized that the success that Tricia brought to the ranch far surpassed the avocado business. I had the wonderful opportunity to actually meet her after over a year and a half of emails and comments on her blog!
You see, I didn't know that my friends Cynthia and Charlene had set this meeting up until I got to California! I was so excited, I could finally see where all the magic happens. I had always wanted to see the outside alter with pews where the wedding ceremonies took place. Seeing it in person was fabulous! The tree that the pews sit under is so huge is spans the length of a gray hound bus and it most likely the oldest tree on the property! The photos you see above are of Tricia's adorable side yard where of course you go through a white picket fence.
Well after seeing the yard, she so kindly invited us into her adorable house where you could see her artistic flair all over the place. It had a Bohemian,Victorian, Gypsy feel to it. It was so light and airy, oh and did I mention it was about 72 degrees outside so the windows were left open for a soft cool breeze. This is Tricia's bedroom. I'm sorry the photos are so blurry, I took them with my iphone.
It was crazy, she had these three wacko women running around her house snapping photos and oogling over the costumes and wings she had made for past events. I was in heaven. The rugs, the colors and all done with such ease and flair.
The green dress is from the fairy wedding that she did and these cute baby dressing gowns were hanging in the bathroom as decoration. Who thinks like that? She does, and it worked perfectly.
Oh, and in her "spare" time she likes to make little fairy houses. Really? OMG it would take a village to help me complete something so amazing. What you can't see is the interior of the houses, fit with furniture and a porch. Please go to her site for better photos.
And of course she drives a British car that she had painted purple and decorated the inside in her own style. SO, is she just the bees knees or what. Even her dang car is cool and Euro chic'.
Yes, those are real Magnolia Pearl bags from the good old days when they still made them. This trunk is standing open in her bedroom, used as a dresser and wonderful addition to the feel of the room. Did you notice there were no TVs? Tricia said that she quit watching TV years ago, too many other things to do.
Our quick visit had to come to an end because she had a wedding the next day. I so wish I could have had more time to see her but we all understood, she had to work. The first photo of this post does not really show how adorable she really is. Poor thing was slaving away and we kidnapped her for a break. She has a personality and a smile that is contagious and left the three of us smiling as we drove away. Before we drove off I had to get one more hug from her, it felt our friendship was complete, concrete in a way, being able to see her and her life. I can't wait to go back to visit. So until then, I'll go to her blog and follow her creativity from here. Love ya Tricia!!
P.S. My friend Charlene took much better photos 
that I'll share later!


Charlene said...

Oh what a magical day that was! But, I will tell you that the blue fairy dress has been a PAIN coming home.

Tricia said...

Hello my friend... That was a great visit! You gals were so much fun! I really wanted to play, have tea and talk and talk and talk but the brides are so demanding! They actually want me to be ready on their wedding day... geeze! Next time lets plan it so we do have the time. Maybe we can make faerie wings or something fun! Just for accuracy the avocados on the ranch I live on still do better than the brides however Mother Nature doesn't come by and wipe our a crop of brides, just the avocados. So maybe over time averaged out, the brides will do better. It definitely doesn't hurt the overall income, thats for sure!
Thank you Cindy, Charlene, and Cynthia for stopping by, you gals are sure good for a girls ego! I gotta figure out a way to get you over here more.
Love you all,

Tricia said...

PS... I wanted to comment on your bloggers create party but good Lord girl... 117 comments!!!!!
I will comment here where there are only 2 so far. You space and all your goodies are just astounding!!!!! We gotta make some faerie wings with all that bling. Not sure if they will be able to fly with them though, bit heavy... but oh so pretty! Your space is simply wonderful, just like you!

just me... jan said...

Hey there sweetie...sheesh! but you get to go to some of the greatest places don't ya!!!! Color me ten shades of green darlin'! I'm in LOVE with her vehicle...I KNOW I'd be able to find that thing in a parking lot ANY day!!!!
just me...thinkin' the new battery in MY vehicle just doesn't rate...jan

Anonymous said...

Hello there!
That car is sooo cute now. Great post!!

Thanks for sharing your day.

Ciao Bella
Sensible Sarah

Lovey said...

Oh what a wonderful day of exploration and beauty...

Dortesjs said...

what a wonderful world she livesin. a totally bang gorgeous world

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