Saturday, December 15, 2012

Poor Santa

I'm told this was me as I sat on Santa's knee,
I screamed and kicked, just wanting get free.
But then I asked him for monkeys, 
just in case I had kids,
I think that was a sign, and why I never did!
I really didn't bring Santa to tears
I just don't think that's what he wanted to hear!
He said he had reindeer and elves but no monkey scouts,
I got so mad I just sat there with only a pout!
I don't think the kids after me were much better,
one was screaming and one just got wetter!
Poor Santa, he works so hard but gets no props,
kids ask for everything from Barbies to riding crops.
So on a whim he thought what about those with fur,
maybe they'd like him more and not cause such a stir.
But after getting scratched, 
bitten, and even peed on,
Santa decided this was not what he agreed upon!!
So when you see a Santa in the Mall or 
ringing a bell,
Just remember all the screaming kids 
who put poor Santa through hell!!!

So, give him a smile and maybe a gift,  
you never know how long Santa keeps his list! 
Merry Christmas!


cindy craine said...


Charlene said...

You are such a silly girl! Did you start on your rooms yet?. Did you give Joey drugs to help him cope? Hugs,

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