Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tea Staining with instant tea, an unexpected surprise!

 So, I decided to try instant ice tea to tea stain because 
the tea bags are a bit messy. 
So I dumped two cans of instant tea, boiling water, salt and started staining away.
 What a great surprise when the pieces I started staining were coming out PINK!
 There were even different shades of pink depending on how much cotton is in the blend of the fabric. 
Who would have thought... pink?
I even tried staining some old pearl trim and it turned out great!
 But, since I needed the real tea stain color I had to go ahead and use the tea bags. The best place for it all to dry is on the bushes and the lawn. Hubby says we look like the Beverly Hillbillies, HA! Pretty close!
 This was one ugly colored lace panel! 
Add a little tea stain and it looks great!
So this is the end of my little tea staining adventure. I ended up making a bug mess anyway but I will end up with pink and sepia fabric and trims!


Karen B. said...

That is so neat and everything looks so pretty!
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Marilou said...

What fun! Avocado skins boiled with fabric make a pretty pink too!
Have fun! Hugs Marilou

Dorothy Donna Parker said...
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Karen Valentine said...

How cool is that??? I will definitely be giving that try!!! Hope you are well sweetie. Did you hear it hit 118 degrees here yesterday? Have a great week and don't melt!

kim leavens said...

oooh how pretty !! Thank you for sharing this, I definitely will be doing this, Love the colors.

Curtains in My Tree said...

How interesting that it turned your treasures pink, I like it ,wonder what instant coffee would do

av女優 said...


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