Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole!

I commissioned this painting from Lisa Loria to go 
with the poem that I wrote. 
The painting is just wonderful, whimsical and,
 painted by my favorite artist!

Down the Rabbit’s Hole

Shake rattle and roll
I fell down the rabbit’s hole
the rabbit was late
to open the gate
but alas he still may alter my state.
He said “follow me to the magical tea,
I have it here under this tree”.
I sat down in haste, 
oh how would it taste
this magical tea
made just for me
Would it cure my ill
without a pill
could this really be my day
to keep the shakes at bay
I took a sip then felt very odd
like walking into a cloud or even a bog
Then the shakes stood still 
like an oak on a hill
How long, I asked can I remain this way
the rabbit spoke with no delay
You have to stay here for the duration of life
this is your home now free of strife 
“But I have to return to show what you’ve done”
the rabbit smiled or was it the cat, 
looking for a bit if fun.
“You choose your fate” said the cat with a wink,
“I’ll give it in writing using invisable ink.”
Knowing my happiness was really not there
but not really here
should I return and do my little best
I’m too tired to think I need a rest.

I woke to trembles up and down 
like the shaking of the leaves as they fell on the ground
I was sorry to find the rabbit and cat
had long since gone
will they come back, I hope it’s not long...............

It's been over 7 years since I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. I find it helpful to write when I feel frustrated and have symptoms that I can't control. I hope you like them both!!


My Grama's Soul said...

Such a lovely poem and painting to accompany!!! WONDERFUL JOB!!

BTW....ALICE IN WONDERLAND got me through my childhood. (:



Grace said...

What a beautiful poem and beautiful picture to go along with it. God bless you sweetie. Grace xoox

Vickie Orlando said...

CIndy...How wonderful that you were able to collaborate with Lisa and have your courageous poem put into a beautiful picture. The picture is so you. Where are you putting this lovely? You should journal your life in poetry. My step dad would write all his letters in poetry. It's a gift. Great seeing you at Remnants! I guess I won't see you until November. Keep the faith, God always leads us.
Hugs xoxo Vickie

niks said...

love it!

cantonlace said...

So cute!

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