Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In the Land of Round Top, There's Royer's cafe where all will stop.

 For a very long time in the land of Round Top
There's a Royers’ cafe where all will stop.
The food was so good, you’d devour every drop,
So much so you would go home and flop.
The man at the door, they called him the king,
He sits on a throne and wears many rings.
He’d make you behave, or you'll get zinged,
But when he called your name, you’d swear he had wings.
So when we were summoned to the 
land of milk and honey,
We all said yes and sent him our money!
Our guest of honor was smart and 
cute as a bunny,
We were captivated by her, she glowed, all sunny!
The Queen spoke to all and introduced her guests,
From a far away land they gave us their best.
They spoke of a project for those who had less,
We decided right there to do our best.
So over a meal fit for a Queen,
We heard about new ideas which none had seen.
They would bring back things 
from a time we’d once been,
Things from years ago, things oh so keen.
So we listened, ate pie and enjoyed our time,
But before we knew it, the Bud clock chimed.
We bid farewell to the Court and their guests so fine,
Leaving,the our adventure feeling completely divine.


Riki Schumacher said...

What a fun time!!! Missed getting one of those amazing meals, and the pie!!! xoxo Riki

C'est moi Claudette said...

Well I certainly didn't know you were a poet??
Gosh you're girls were so happy to be near all that junk,
I'm wondering why I wasn't in yout trunk? lol lol
See I can do that Miss Cindy.
Great post so much fun. Man that guy is scary.
Oh and Charlene is TALL!!!!

trash talk said...

Bud may be the King of Pies, but you my dear, are the prize in surprise.
You never fail to amaze me!

Karen Valentine said...

Girlfriend you are awesome!! That was so much fun! I remember our time there last year, so I know you guys had a blast. Next year I plan to be there with you again!!

Charlene said...

YOU are toooooooo clever my dear!!! Bud's gonna love this! You should win since this is so cute & so much more creative!!!! HUGS!

Kathryn said...

OMG! I remember going to Royer's in Round Top right after he opened. Late 1980's. It was just Royer's, a gift shop and the post office on the square. Bud had just moved there from Houston where he had been a successful chef. I remember the ten pound pies (available by mail order), reading glasses on every table and an extra fee for any pie ordered without Blue Bell ice cream! Bud looks the same only more gray. I think his wife started a workshop/retreat for crafters???
Is the "town" that the two sisters moved to Round Top still there?
Thanks for the memories and yes, I'm jealous and missing Texas!

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