Monday, April 9, 2012

Round Top~ The Rest of the Story

The search for B-L-I-N-G was un-ending in Round Top but it seems most of the dealers would be taking their shiny treasures home because they wanted way too much for their sparkles!! $$$$$$
It's too bad too, there were three crazy women with cash in hand ready to buy them out!
The annual blog party was a success, it was hot but we all tried our best to get cleaned up for the camera and each other! I think this was the last time we all saw each other still smelling good! Yes, it was hot! Hotter than a fritter in a fryin' pan hot, 94 degrees in April!! I mean come on, just once give us a break from the heat! UG!
Many neutrals all around. Garden and burlap were everywhere! I always love old gates. I forget what you're suppose to grow by your garden gate but I wanted this gate! Alas no more room left in the back of my car.
The friendships you make in Round Top are the kind of friendships you want to keep forever. It's amazing how miles and miles of JUNK keeps you connected with people you love to spend time with!
Skip-to-my-Lou went right in-to my bag! I cannot resist this booth. Her creations are so unusual, so beautiful and she arranges them all on old cabinet cards with a story of your piece on the back. She goes to Paris, Prague, Austria, all over Europe searching for just the right pieces. She finds them and I buy them!!!! Besides Magnolia Pearl this is the booth I drop quite a few coins in but it's worth every penny!
O.K., so the heat made us all a little nutty!
So much stuff-So little time!
We did take time out for a Picnic with the Rodeo Queens who surprised us all with a boxed dinner in the most beautiful setting in the country. One of the girls have a house near Round Top and invited us to come visit. Even the mosquitos knew better than to ruin the evening, it was picnic-perfect!
Now you knew I would find baby dolls somewhere out there! Only one came home with me. I guess people like me have made them too popular to find anymore. The next time you see a baby doll head just think to yourself,"I should send this to Cindy, the poor thing only found one baby doll in Round Top!" The horror, the despair, the lose...... yea well you get the idea.
I didn't think I was in the market for a Chandi but the one in the bottom photo came home in a really big truck. Does hubby know? Hell NO he doesn't know yet! I have it hidden in a warehouse until I can hang it and then I want to see how long it takes him to notice, "anything new?"
Display pieces, yes thank you! I took home the blue printing cabinet WITH the spiders nest that I didn't find until I got home! Waaaaaa! I felt itchy all over just looking at it but, I don't think anything has hatched yet. Can you imagine if it had? On the way home? With me DRIVING!! I would have caused a pile up on 35 because this woman would have driven in front of a semi if I was doing the spider dance in my underpants! YIKES!
This was sad but not. The end of a war and maybe no need for these pieces? I'm not sure how I felt about this but this is the kind of thing you will find in Round Top. Anything from a lace throw to this. It was a wonderful trip filled with great memories, new friendships, and yes a few spiders. Thanks for coming along on my journey. Happy Trails, xoxo-cindy


KarenSue Farash said...

Wow! What a dream come true! Maybe someday I can get there. Thank you for the tour, great job!

Grace said...

It has been so wonderful seeing all these beautiful treasures. Thank you for sharing I wanted everything!!! lol Grace xoox

susie said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEEE this post friend!!! I missed all the fun again, but thank God I can relive the magic of the moment through you & your fab pictures.
Hugs & you know how much I miss y'all!!!

Sandy Navarro said...

Did we have a good time or what! So glad we got to do it together. Gotta love the pic of me vamp'in - REALLY! Not my best pose but that dress was SO my color!

Can't wait to see ya soon on my turf!


Lucys Baby said...

Looks awesome, wish I could have been there with you! That chandi is absolutely the most beautiful I've ever seen!!

Karen Valentine said...

Wow! I almost feel like I was there! Those photos are great!!! Did you take most of them?? Nice. And that chandelier>> Holy shit batman!! When you said you brought home a chandelier I was thinking something like the baby head chandi!!! That new one is incredible!!
You all look so happy, despite the heat. I sooo wish I could have been there again. I'm shooting for next year. Saving up my pennies as we speak!

Stampin D Amour said...

WOW! I'm glad I just found your fantastic blog! I really enjoyed looking at your photos of this event, I think my friend {Tricia@Vintage Bliss} attended? I'll be dropping by your blog again for certain! xo

-pamela ;)

The Rodeo Queens said...

Thanks for sharing your Round Top all your pics!!

Attic Rat said...

You found some WONDERFUL treasures! I especially love your chandelier. I will be unpacking my purchases this week. For now, they are still in the cargo trailer. The first order of business was to finish my income tax. I got so far behind with my Germany trip.

Hope to see you again next time!


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