Sunday, May 13, 2012

KC Willis Altered Book.....FINISHED!!

I went to KC WIllis' class about three weeks ago and started this altered book. Many in the class finished but my friend Jan and I were left in the dust! SO, after getting home from California and being around all those creative women, I decided to come home and finish this book. My theme was cowgirl girlfriends. It was hard to find photos of groups of cowgirls!
These photos are terrible! I used iron on sheets which are too glossy for my taste but it's what we were using in class so I did too. Any suggestions for iron on sheets that are not glossy?
I used different friendship poems, some that I wrote. I got a little carried away with all the fabrics but it was hard to stop adding. I just couldn't decide what photos to use so I used them all.
I found one of those old crosses they use to give us in the Methodist Church! I thought I would go ahead and use it, I keep saving too many things that I never use.
The poem on this page was mine:
"When others watched my hand shake, you held it.
When I feel like I'm walking through sand, you smooth it.
When I cry at moments of no sence, you console me.
When I lose my way, you drive me.
When my body took a different path, you paved it.
When I gave you my friendship, you held it."
This was another one I wrote:
"There are days when I feel I have nothing left,
Like it's all been taken by an ill mannered guest.
I find myself looking to see through the forest and the trees,
to see who is left standing beside me.
I see you there like an oak with roots to the core,
offering your branches, helping me soar.
Sometimes when my soul feels like a ghost,
you offer your hand when I need you most.
So I tell you this between us two,
my life has been made better by meeting you."
"I hope to be friends forever, you and me.
Because you want to be around me no matter what you see.
A true friend hold you in their heart, like a wounded dove
protecting you, wings folded and giving fate a shove.
When I get down I know you're there, if only in my thoughts,
I feel your strength to move ahead, sad days I have fought.
I see you as a beacon of smiles, comfort and always laughter,
I love you today, I love you tomorrow and into the ever after."
Can you believe how thick it is?! I love it! Thanks for letting me share. xoxox-cindy


LuLu Kellogg said...

This is beautiful Cindy!!

I'm back home after being gone for the last 10 days. It's time to rest and recharge!


suziqu's thread works said...

What a great job you have made of this journal Cindy. So many fabulous images and I love the lines you have written.
It has a stamp all of your very own.

You may think of using TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) sold by Lesley Venable
- there is a Youtube video demonstrating how to use it.

There are several ideas on this including muslin/calico, even water colour paper and here in Australia use a canvas type of paper.

Good luck Cindy. Hope this will be one of many!

bobbie said...

It's gorgeous!! Too much fabric??? I don't think so!!
Good luck!

Karen Valentine said...

Oh girlfriend, your book is so beautiful! I love it!! You have a true gift for writing to Cindy. I have always loved your silly little rhymes, but these poems are true words of art. The pages are wonderful and I agree... definitely not to much fabric. I think it's just right!!

nelda said...

Oh, your book is lovely. I am sure you added much more detail than others in the class. I also had to finish up my book at home, but it was so much fun!!!

Sarah said...

Your work on your altered book is beautiful! You definitely have a knack for fabric collage.

Sandy Navarro said...

Beautiful job, Cindy! It's so wonderful to have such good friends to inspire your heartfelt poems.


Sandra Kaye said...

Cindy, you book turned out just super!! I love to see books filled with fabric, lace, and yumminess!!! Just beautiful. Hugs

bonnie said...

Transfer Artist Paper

I used this in one of Lesley's classes and loved it.

Cheryl M said...

You did a beautiful job on your book. I love the fabric and lace!

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Wow, you are really talented. I can't believe these things that you made, and then added your own poetry too. You did such a wonderful job.
I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment. I love that your grandma was a quilter! See, the creativity gene kept going through the generations. My grandma sewed and taught me basic things. We are all really lucky to have had the little bit of time with our grandmothers that we had.

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

Hi Cindy! This SO wonderful! I've just found your lovely blog, and I'm a new nice to "meet" you!

Charlene said...

OMG!!!!!!! I think you might have made me cry! Love the book! Love all the extra's you added but, those poems are freakin amazing! LOVE IT! I want to see it in person. And as for the shinny sheets. I HATE those too. I always use muslin or a nice cotton fabric & use the iron on freezer paper to transfer to & it's beautiful. HUGS!

deb musick said...

Cindy, you did an amazing job on this book. I took that class last year and loved it. But your extra special touches are so wonderful. I didn't know what a talented writer you were. Congratulations; you should be very proud of this book--it is a masterpiece!

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