Thursday, May 24, 2012

Harry the Elephant and Maggie's Gater

There once was an elephant named Harry who rode a magic hay carpet, 
He loved his magical hay carpet but it made poor Harry sneeze!
But being the polite Pachyderm he always said,”excuse me please!”
Sometimes he thought he was a fairy because he could could fly upon the breeze,
 But he had to be careful how high he went or his magic carpet would freeze.
Harry wished he could just fly forever because he and Girdy the birdy had plans, 
They’d planned a picnic in Paris so that Girdy could buy himself a tam!
Birdy Girdy was so smart, he got Harry to do all the work, 
He’d lay on his back so proud of himself on his face was a silly smirk.
Sometimes people thought he was scary because he wore a funny top hat,
 Little did they know he only wore that hat so his hair wouldn’t go flat!
That Harry was an inventive fellow, the grind of the circus he did escape,
He flew over lakes and meadows, looking for the perfect home to create.
Then he found a pleasant valley, other elephants he could see,
I wonder if there’s a lady elephant that might like someone like me?
He landed, found a mate and started his brand new vocation,
The sign on his door read,are you ready for this?,”Pachyderm Pilot Aviation.”

This is a game I started on Facebook. I would post a photo and start with one line, then everyone else would add a line or two. After several additions to the poem I would combine them all and make everything fit!
For some reason my font is going crazy, I hope you can read this!
Her daddy fished the swamp and found the baby gator, 
She had no mama so he thought he would save her.
But all Maggie wanted was a plain ol’ dog, not a mean ol' gater,
The kids at school would point and laugh, not wise to smirk and bait her.
But along came Billy,who thought he’d be silly and, 
dipped her pigtails in ink. 
Maggie’s stomach did sink and she said “you’re a fink, 
I’m going to tell my new pet that you really stink.” 
With a smirk on his face, Billy laughed and pointed at the gator
 And said “yea right, I’ll see ya later!”
So she gave her gator some rein and walked down the lane and 
But no one thought that gator was tame. 
The gator was hungry and let out a hiss,
Maggie looked at Billy and said that he’d better run, 
Billy turned all white and let out a whine 
He’d scamper on home and he’d “get his daddy’s gun.”
Maggie smiled at the near faint Billy and said let this me a lesson
When a girl has a gator, that’s not who you should be messin’.”


Charlene said...

Girl I love ya but, I think you've been hanging out with "Chubby Head" too much. Don't make me get the tazer out!!!! LOL

Lucys Baby said...

Charlene, now That's funny. blog said...

Such a whimsical story and picture. Its so enchanting.

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