Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Helga was UGLY 364 days of the year

Helga was ugly 364 days of the year, 
But on the night of Halloween 
she became something to fear

No husband or Bo was safe on that night because 
Helga transformed into a beautiful sight.

Dark ebony hair and emerald green eyes
She could catch a man with the blink and a sigh.

The men would gather and she’d get all sappy,
”I don’t have a man to make me happy”.

They’d promise the moon and buy her riches,
 But that was not enough for this little witchy,

She’d take them to her house in the back of the woods, 
Promising them all, this night would be "good!"

She’d brew them a tea with strange looking leaves
Making them all drop to their knees.

By the morning light all the men, oh so bold, 
Were all now turned into stacks of gold.

So for the next 364 days of the very next year,
 Helga would take cruises and drink her malt beer thinking,
”Not a bad way to live, working one day a year”

So next Halloween keep an eye on your men
she’ll be out there somewhere to do it again!


Karen Valentine said...

That was awesome and very entertaining! You have a gift girlfriend!!!

Kadee Willow said...

You just crack me up with your entertaining stories!! So much fun to read! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy! I just discovered your blog, I know, "gasp"! OK so I am a little late coming to the party but I made it... and I am sooooo glad I found your blog! Your writing style is fab and certainly makes one smile... you know, that thing where the corners of one's mouth turn slightly up instead of the current trend of turned down... "how sad"! I can't thank you enough for your fabulous stories! You rock my new blogland friend:D
Beth P

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