Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bridesmaid's Hell

 There's an awful place called Bridesmaid's Hell, 
I've been there myself, does this ring any bells???
"You can wear it again, the look is timeless", 
we all shook our heads and said "Yes your highness".
Our role as a maid is suppose to be fun but,
 when these dresses come out, we were all on the run!
At the time the poor bride thought she had the upmost taste, 
little did she know we burned them with haste!
I know the bride is the the star of the show,
but these purple get-ups practically glow!

I've been there myself and inflicted the same pain,
My poor maids wore pink and the dresses home made.
They were as ugly as sin and covered in lace
So, I can't really judge these brides for their poor taste!


Kathy Lindemer said...

Oh, my! What finds!

Leaping Frog Design's said...

Oh my goodness.. Thank you these are priceless!!

Curtains in My Tree said...


Kathy said...

This cracked me up because my maids wore pink as well and I was once a maid of honor in a dress so horrid that I really did put it in my mother's burn barrel within hours after the wedding!

Karen Valentine said...

This is priceless!!! hard to believe anyone would do that to their "friends"!!!!! Hope you are well sweetie. I think about you all the time. :)

Kadee Willow said...

I was all set to say that my poor bridesmaids suffered worse torture than that... until I saw the charming purple delights! Ok.. so my bridesmaids dresses come in second! Green and white gingham. Unfortunately, it didn't come in a cotton fabric but polyester. Tiered. I thought it was very stylish with a hippie bent to them. Hmmmmmm... I desperately need a do-over!!! LOL

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