Friday, May 3, 2013

50 Shades of Gray ~ The Parkinson's Brain

I had to laugh as I looked through the best sellers at the book store and there sat "Fifty Shades of Gray." First I wanted to barf because I think the books are trash, and then I started to laugh! 
People with Parkinson's have brains that are 50 shades of gray!

I assume as a cell dies in our brains that it turns a darker of shade of gray so there's no telling how many shades of gray we have in our brains. I mean the Parkinson's "ribbon" is even gray. I wonder if we could make t-shirts that say something like, 
"Help fight PD 50 shades of gray", or "I live 50 shades of gray".

Maybe the author could donate a percentage of her book sales to brain or Parkinson's research! 
Then we could say,
"We found the cure through 50 shades of gray!
Just a funny thought.

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