Monday, July 11, 2011

The Cattle Barn Flea Market

OK it was 900 degrees in the shade but, I was about to lose my mind from staying inside for so long soo, I ran up to the Cattle Barn flea market that goes on every weekend here in Fort Worth.
Of coarse there are the usual cowboy hats and boots galore, usually for really good prices. The hats above were under $10! Most of these boots were under $30!
Yep, we have plenty of belt buckles, every kind of buckle you can think of.  I bought the small one with the covered wagon for $3, I have several this size and I plan to make napkin rings out of them as soon as I have enough.
I did pretty good and didn't buy any jewelry......this time.
But it was tempting,
With every tray I walked by!
However, when I saw all these doilies and pieces of lace, 
you could say , ahhh, it was the heat..
I hadn't had lunch, it was low blood sugar....
I felt weak in the knees and had to sit the middle 
of all of these bins,
and thought oh, this is menopause! Yes, that's it! I couldn't help it. It was temporary insanity from the change of life and lack of oxygen to my pea brain! 
Did I need a nurse? No,
instead,I sat next to a refreshing fountain,
thought of all my friends who could use this same excuse,
found a cool breeze,
and quickly packed up all my new found goodies and drove home like a crazy woman before my hubby came home and saw that I had found EVEN MORE lace and doilies!!!!!


Leaping Frog Design's said...

Oh Cindy...Thanks for that lovely laugh. I love your flea market foray!!!

Sandra Kaye said...

Cindy, you are to funny!! And you were a better girl than I would have been. I'd have walked away with a little of it ALL !!!

Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Wowzaaa!!! that is so cool! I was going to go this last weekend but figured there wouldn't be that many vendors there with the heat ~
It looks like it was wonderful!

trash talk said...

I had totally forgotten about this little treasure hunting spot!
Yeah...blame menopause. Works for me!

Charlene said...

AND HOW MANY FREAKIN TIMES HAVE I ASKED TO GO TO THE CATTLE BARNS? AND YOU GO WITHOUT ME!!!! What kind of friend are you????? Hee Hee!!! You're the BEST kind of friend... you know I'm hankin your chaing but, YOU OWE ME A TRIP TO THE CATTLE BARNS SISTER! Wait till you see the cute project from my going with Diane Cook to her Art Group! HUGS!

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

Looks like a great place to go! Love the way you told the story in pictures. Oh, and about the lace and doilies all those excuses work for me. Hugs, Jackie

Melissa said...

Love the rhinestone & cameo jewelery.

just me jan said...

I can't BELIEVE you found that much lace/doily crappola there Cindy!!! The last time I was there I bought up every scrap that was decent....which wasn't much....I was losing faith in the vendors....sheesh! You didn't take it all did you??? If not, I'll drag Charlene there next weekend...she's been dying to go.

just me...more than a tad envious...jan

Mary said...

One of these days I will be in Texas (just a dream) and I will knock on your door and I am going shopping with you!! I NEVER find laces and doilies like that any more. I don't know what happens to stuff around here, no matter how many flea markets or yard or estate sales, there are never more than 1 or 2 offered. You are so lucky, and if you need someone to distract your hubby while you get your treasures in the craft room safe, I can spin a good tale and talk fast to distract him. I have one of those husbands too that just DOES NOT understand that when you see it, you have to buy it THEN and not later.
Good luck and Good shopping.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, it's all so beautiful!

Rebecca said...

I was SURE I posted a comment over the past two days. Maybe I'm losing MY MIND! :(

LOVE your space! You aren't toooooo far from me. Maybe I'll just have to barge in on you one of these days. :)


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