Monday, July 25, 2011

A re-post for the return of the Parkinson's Quilt

I am re-posting this quilt square that I did for the Parkinson's Quilt because it is back in the United States after touring Europe. If you should see this coming to your community take a few minutes to stop by and see it, it's huge! I played with photo-shop so it looks a little different. Here is the poem and idea behind the piece:

Bound by movement and lack of grace
Sometimes they’re days you don’t want to face.
But through the weavings of ribbon and lace
I’ve found the peace to slow my pace.
A marriage of hope and patience of mind,
Time to reflect but hard to unwind.
So, I create this space with seams I did bind,
In hopes of a cure in plenty of time.

I used all the things I love to create this panel. Old wedding dresses, lace and pearls. I have this romantic love of old wedding dresses. I smile when I see one and think of the  young bride standing in the back of the church, waiting to make her entrance into the church her new life.

 I was diagnosed  4 years, and 6 months ago at the age of 44. In a way, I had to divorce my old life and begin a second marriage with the challenge of hard work determination to make my life as happy as possible. A cure would make a nice wedding present!


Lesley said...

What a beautiful, magical piece of work. It's quite breathtaking. I'm so sorry to hear about the Parkinson's. I have MS, so know what it's like to have a debilitating disease. The only advice I can give, is to be thankful for the things you CAN do, and not worry about those you can't. Thank you again for the chance to see your work. Blessings Lesley UK

Anonymous said...

Oh your post made me cry and celebrate you at the same time and then I read the comment from Lesley who I know well from blogging as I too have MS and have had to divorce my old life too.
You are fabulous and I hope for a cure for you too...a fine wedding present indeed. Until then I suppose life is just one big engagement party!
Kiss Noises Linda

LuLu Kellogg said...

How fabulous this quilt is! I love old wedding dresses too!! This truly is breathtaking Cindy!


trash talk said...

This is beautiful...truly. So she got to go to Europe for her honeymoon, huh?
I think a cure would be the perfect gift, but it may require a lot of us folks chipping in to make it happen.
P.S. I just have to add...what did you think of Heidi at Cloverleaf? Isn't she a hoot?

Anonymous said...

Cindy ... Your poem is beautiful and most heart-moving and your quilt square is magnificent. I know what it is like to be diagnosed with health issues at an early age in life ... and as you so poignantly wrote, had to divorce the old one and start anew. My post today was written just for those days when one needs a bit of tactical armor just to make it through.

Hugs to you, dear friend!

Karen Valentine said...

Cindy, this is just beautiful my friend. I pray that they find a cure as soon as possible. You should be very proud of your most beautiful contribution.

Charlene said...

It is stunning!!!!!!! But, no where near as beautiful as you my sweet friend. I HATE it that this has happened to you but, I have to say that through the loss of that other life I have been blessed with finding an amazing friend. HONEY, you know I love ya & I'm here for the LONG RUN!!!! You are the most amazing strong, beautiful, talented, funny angel I KNOW! HUGS!

A Wild Thing@Sweet Repose said...

What a beautiful, FUN blog you have...I too wish you the best and hope for a cure,, we never know what trials will be set upon us. I've been a dog groomer for 35 years and have seen more than my share of tragic pets. My goal has always been to educate. I am amazed at the ignorance out there and for 35 years I've relocated many needy, neglected pets. At age 62, I'm weary and exhausted, but I plod along because of the need for conscientious, KIND groomers.

Thank you for your kind words and my best to you in life!


Riki Schumacher said...

Cindy, what a lovely post, although it saddens me to hear about your diagnosis four years ago. We will all keep fighting for a cure my friend. That is an amazing quilt, love it. Take care, big hug, Riki

The Altered Paper said...

Wow! This Piece of Art is Absolutely Beautiful! Hugs,Tee

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

This piece is so beautiful Cindy, praying for you my friend. If I was closer I would come over for a movie week! Hugs and love sent your way! I pray you shaking stops. Love Marilou

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