Friday, July 22, 2011

Weiner Dog Races!

In race number one we have lucky lady, mama's boy,missy, the bad boy twins, mad max,  and tinkerbell. It's a close contest, mama's boy is closing on tinkerbell who is in the lead, mad max on their heels, lucky lady in a close forth,
.....but it's tinkerbell by a nose!
Race 2, get ready set..... and they're off!

Oh, no!! Mass confusion... "Which way do I go?", "I have to go to the bathroom", "It's hot out here," "Did somebody say treat?" "I don't think this is very dignified for a dog of my breeding," "Oh, can it, sugar britches just get outta my way!" Race number 2 did not go well.
Not all dogs entered the race. Some were disqualified for  super dog powers,
Some just came for the puppy-arazzi!! Annabell was quoted as saying ,"Does this tutu make me look fat? Has anyone seen my driver! I am not just out of bone-hab!"

Former beauty queen, Miss Caroline drove all the way from Alabama just to see all those young handsome boys, "ran like the dickens. They were just downright adorable!"
and Hank.
Fritz said it was to hard to run in his lederhosen so, he
stayed in the shade and watched all the pretty" Frauleins' go by."
Ya' know if you replaced the word "dog" with "husband"....
So by the end of the day, we had trophies for best dressed, King and Queen, smallest dog, biggest dog, oldest, youngest and of course, the fastest!


Pretty Things said...

OMG -- I can't help but giggle, this is so cute!

she dreams big! said...

Too funny! I'm going to see if we can't get this organized for our county fair. Which one is your puppy?

Karen Valentine said...

I'm so sorry I couldn't attend!! This looks like the perfect way to spend the day to me!!
Miss you!

The Altered Paper said...

What a fun event to be at! I would enjoy something like that! Tee

Rhonda said...

Awe, I had two long haired dachsies that I miss so much. Love this post!

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