Saturday, October 8, 2011

Junk Gypsy Prom! Yep, those goofy costumes were my idea!

OK, I have to admit it, it was my idea. We were the Playboy Runaway Brides 2011! I put together the costumes, had the sashes made, made the ears with the veils,yet somehow... I just kept thinking it wouldn't look quite so goofy. HA! As if it were possible to look any more like a dork! So I thought I would give all of you a good laugh and share in my public humiliation!!
Well I did get a good laugh out of Junk Gypsy Amie. I look like Harvey the giant rabbit next to her! She is so tiny!
And Jolie who looked as cute as she could be! She looked at me and said,"What are you drinking?" 

Then I saw Robin Gray of Magnolia Pearl. The look on her face was like.."and you like to wear my clothes?" But she was nice and posed anyway while her hubby John just shook his head and laughed!
The prom was perfect! The weather was nice and cool, the crowd was all dressed up for HGTV's filming for their new series on the Junk Gypsies.
The band was fun and we danced under the moonlight. I actually glowed in the dark! I don't know what was more white, my outfit or me! I'm pigment deficient!
I stayed in Deb's booth part of the night just hanging out with other vendors Robilyn, Trisha and of course,Cat-Daddy.
Adorable Robalyn with Red-Neck Chic. She had a good week but was about to die from the heat like the rest of us! She makes the cutest purses and jewelry, check her out!
No autographs of the giant glow-in-the-dark, rabbit!!
Tricia had her booth right next to Red-Neck, she has an adorable pink and white trailer that I am so envious of. It even has a pink stove!!!!
Little did Kristi know she was going to be rabbit-rushed for a photo. Doesn't her face just say, this woman has lost her bunny brain!
And last but not least, there really was a Hugh Hefner there! He kept running after us all night saying,"Bunnies come back, I promise we don't have to sleep together!" Hey, I guess crazy attracts crazy!


Deidra said...

Great Photos Cindy! Looks like you were the hit of the prom! Maybe someday soon Cathy and I can get to make it to the prom... Deidra(GirlsGone Junkin')

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Hahaha!! I am totally loving this
post ~ You gals are a crack up ~
It looks like it was a blast!!

Rhonda said...

You are hilarious! I'm laughing so hard. I love reading your posts, they pick me up and make me smile all day.

Suzann said...

That was great!!! I love all the pictures and how perfect Hugh was there!!!
Looks like you all had a great time!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh I love it! You girls had too much fun. Did you do any hopping? I'm sure you shook it up. Riki xox

susie said...

Oh I'm just soooooo darn jealous, I sooooo wanted to be there with you & all my GYPSY friends!!! But thank you friend for taking such great picture & letting me share in this event with you, it helps although I STILL want to have been there! LOl
By the way, I think your outfits are hysterical!!! You always crack me up sweet thing...
Big Hugs & miss y'all so!!!!
Susie Q

Wanda said...


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