Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A White Bride Poem for White Wednesday

There was a young woman with luck on her side,
she went to the seaside to watch the tide.
Her fortune was made with buttons of pearl,
all dresses had them to please every girl.

 She sat on the rocks with the sun sinking down,
and thought to herself, will I ever wear a gown,
with layers of lace and pearl buttons down the back?
Then up walked a man who called himself Jack.

They talked until dawn, till the seagulls began to sing,
she thought to herself, will I ever wear a ring?,
with a diamond or a ruby or maybe an opal,
her heart skipped a beat, she was ever hopeful.

They made a good match, they were never apart,
he'd won her over and touched her heart.
They stayed together after she wore her gown and ring
till they both passed on and the angels did sing .

So,when you see a pearl button, look to the skies,
and think of the young  woman with luck on her side.

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Charlene said...

Great photo & poem! THANK YOU again for picking up my Manni! She's still in the car. I bet she thinks she lives in a car now... all those miles from California, then in your car since Round Top & now... MINE!

helen tilston said...

What an amusing and joyful post and poem

Karen Valentine said...

Awesome!! You are the queen of great poems my dear!! I love it! Hope you have recovered from your RT trip. Things here are awesome. So much beauty everywhere!

debi said...

Beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing.

Rhonda said...

I love this story poem. Very romantic and inspiring - keep looking up!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

I love all your brides. Those huge bouquets with dozens of ribbons are just so wonderful! Love, Linda

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

Beautiful photo and poem, so romantic. I will look at a pearl button in a different light from now on and wonder who wore it.
Hugs Jackie

Anonymous said...

Ohhh thats so beautiful. I am glad i found your blog its stunning
hugs June x

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