Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sweet Salvage and Sweet Friends

I just returned from a great trip visiting my friend 
Karen Valentine in Phoenix! 
We ate and shopped for almost four days. 
My jeans and my suitcase were busting at the seams!
The best shopping extravaganza was at Sweet Salvage on 
Thursday.Christie Repasy was the featured artist and it was so hard not to buy one one of her pieces but 
I knew it wouldn't fit in my suitcase.
Here's Christie with one of her number one fans, Judy, who not only had a gift certificate given to her by her family and friends,which she promptly used on one on Christie's paintings, but got to be the first VIP customer in the door!! Trust me if you had seen the line of eager customers waiting outside you would understand why this was such a treasured gift and win!
Chrisit's booth was the best of shabby chic. 
Her artwork was scattered 
through out the booth and went perfectly with everything.
Vintage Valentines and romantic items were everywhere, 
I had such a hard time choosing what I could buy that I could fit in my suitcase.
This lace screen had me drooling the moment I stepped in 
the door. I wanted this so bad I could hardly stand it! 
If it's still there and anyone is coming to Texas, 
I'll buy you a giant Texas steak dinner if you deliver!!
The frame for this piece was wonderful. 
This photo just does not give it justice.
and so much fun.
This cabinet grabbed my attention because of all the old photos!
Tea anyone?
Did I buy this? HA, do you even need to ask! Of course I bought this! The photo is in much better shape than it looks, it's just the photographer and,the fact that I couldn't make the flash turn off on my camera. 
Equipment failure, yea that's it!!!
Yep, this one too!

Loved it but it wouldn't fit! LuLu can you hear me...,
......scream and stomp my foot because I couldn't buy these! I know what you're thinking, ship it all home, but once I opened that door I would have bought everything in the store.As it was I had to give the skycap a big tip and said,"This suitcase couldn't be over 50 pounds, look I can pick it up!" (Oh Owww, groan, I think I pulled my pancreas)
This glider was only $200 and it was in great shape. 
I think this was sold 5 minutes after the doors were open! 
I'd put a coat of pink paint on this and call it perfect!
I was like a diabetic in a candy store, I had to control myself which was near impossible. I could have taken home everything here. It just made my pea brain squeal with delight!
This lovely lady was all smiles right before the doors open, I bet she was exhausted by the end of the sale! 
Thank you Sweet Salvage for a great adventure. I hope I can come back again soon. SS is open only once a month but it's well worth the wait! They do all the hard work of picking all month and then turn aroundand let customers like me scoop everything up. Their prices were exceptional and the collection of stuff was wonderful.

Thank you again to my partner in crime and great friend Karen 
for being a gracious host and a wonderful friend!!


C'est moi Claudette said...

Oh sweet friend. I LOVE everything too. Why in the world do THEY do that to us?? Can you see me in that shop trying to take things home to Canada?? Near impossible for sure. I would buy Christie's art in a heart beat. LOVE IT.
Yes the glider in PINK would be fab. YES LuLu would go mad for those baby heads. She's actually in CA. with Holly right now. Lucky ducks.
I have an old wedding pic like the one you bought. It was my dear Aunt and uncle's wedding day. I will send it to you if you would like it. I've asked their kids if they wanted it. They seem to not want to bother. I would be honoured if you accepted it. I know it will be in good hands. Let me know.
What a sweet name your friend Karen has. It's her month soon. Nice.
Glad your home safe girlfriend.
Love Claudie

Karen Valentine said...

Your pics turned out great!! I had the best time with you sweetie! You have an open invitation to come visit me any time!!! Love you lots!!!!

Shabby chic and co said...

Ho comme je vous envie !! Ce genre de manifestations n'existe pas chez nous !!!!

Judy said...

Hi Cindy! So glad you got to visit Sweet Salvage last week! The picture of Christie with a fan -- that's me! I love Christie's work and I bought one of her pictures with gift certificates given to me by my best friend and my family! Check out my blog and you will see which picture I bought! And you will also see that Karen designed my blog background! Thanks for sharing!

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Cindy!
It's so fun to see all you girls! Oh yes... Christie is one talented lady isn't she? I'm so happy that you had such a grand time. Thanks for sharing all the pretty pictures.

susie said...

Hi Cin...
Looks like a wonderful trip & so many fabulous vintage goodies to choose from, it's like when I go to Round Top...i want to bring the WHOLE thing home in my suitcase.
What a small world it is, I know some of these talented ladies who were at this show. Christie Repasy lives in Fallbrook & puts on The Vintage Marketplace show on with Rita Reade 4 times a year. They use to have the show at Christie's house until it got too big, here work is amazing. And the gal sitting out in front with the tickets is Lori Martin. Her daughter owned a shop right next door to mine for a while & Lori lives in a beautiful Victorian in Redlands & has had a few shows too. So I've been to both of those gals house, how funny & cool. This community of women is world wide & yet small & intimate too!!!
Miss you sweetie, I'm wishin on a star I get to Texas this spring, it's on my MUST DO list!!!
Big Hugs,

Charlene said...

Looks like you two had GREAT fun!!! I'm jealous I wasn't there too. DARN! Maybe we should drive out next time to HAUL the stuff home! I can hear Jan NOW......... Hugs!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Hi there, Cindy! I just popped over from Karen's blog. The two of you must have had a blast at that event. I would have had a hard time controlling myself, too! It's so funny that you wanted to go Karen's way for her local event, and I want to come down your way. I've been to lots of wonderful shows up and down the East Coast, but I'm dying to go to the biggies in Texas! ;)

Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

Bohemian said...

So glad your Phoenix experience was so memorable and you got some "Sweet" Delights to bring Home!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A Vintage Chic said...

Good morning, Cindy!

Just saw your very sweet comment on my post this morning--thanks so much! I know what you mean about the old photos--it always makes me so sad to see them in the shops--when you love your family history so much, it's really hard to imagine others not feeling the same way! So glad you understand!

Looks like your trip to Phoenix was VERY good! Would have loved to have been there--that shop looks amazing!

I'm just wrapping up my 2 1/2 week blog break tomorrow--so ready to jump back in! It was good to have some time off, though!

Wishing you a beautiful day & talk to you soon!


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