Friday, March 23, 2012

"Oh-ho girls just want to have fun-hun" Paper Cowgirls part 2

Just some fun shots from Paper Cowgirl! Thanks to everyone 
for letting me lift your photos for this post! I decided since my camera, not me, was taking such horrible photos, I would just borrow from others!
Serious crafting times for all.
Time for being just a tad silly when you're around such 
fun people!
Time for finished projects!
Time with treasured friends.
Time with new friends.
Time with the most beautiful, creative women in the whole world!
 Wait a minute where am I??
Time with people that ALWAYS make me laugh.
Time with the Queen.
Time with the jester!
Time for lunch, dinner and drinks, with new friends!
Time to gab instead of listening to the teacher!
Time with the Mad Hatter
And time to end this photo filled post, thanks to all my friends!


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Cindy...I miss you so much!!! You are a precious soul and the minute I met you, I felt as though I'd known you forever! What a wonderful post and such precious memories that we can all tuck away. I hope you are doing so good and I still think of your kind invite...staying in your guest room and going junkin' with you!! Sounds like HEAVEN! hugs and love, Dawn

Holly Loves Art said...

I just love looking at all the pretty pictures from this event. So happy you girls had fun! Next up... Tiffany's!

Karen Valentine said...

Wow, you brought it all back again! It was such a great time, and I can't wait to do it again!!! Miss you already too!!!


Lisa Phillippi said...

Im so sad that I missed all the fun! I will jist have to have extra fun in Warrenton!!

Charlene said...

What fun WE had!!!! I ate it that there are yet MORE unfinished projects! But, they mst wait as I "SHOVEL" out Ms Sandy's room! Soon we'll be junkin like MAD women!

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