Monday, December 2, 2013

Ann Perry's Winter Wonderland

I KNOW! Isn't it wonderful! 
I walked in the front door of Ann Perry's shop, saw this and clod-hopped over everyone in my way to get to this piece. I know those women were thinking, what tornado just blew through here!
Just me being a brat and doing what it took to get this piece!!
This is one of the pieces that my friend Charlene Gray found, 
isn't it adorable? She also found a very old wicker baby carriage that no one else could see because it was up real high on a chest. 
Well Miss Long-Legged saw that and snatched it up, SCORE!
"Oh the weather outside was frightful, 
but inside was pure delightful.." 
These were not for sale........yet!

Yes please!

And, this was the end of our shopping trip! Many thanks to Charlene for driving the four hours down and back, and, many thanks to Ann Perry for her great hospitality!!


Sandy Navarro said...

Yup, just like I said on FB, freak'in fabulous! Your two got some real treasures and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride in the back seat with my vacation hair! Don!t forget I'll be with ya'll again this weekend for Judy Taylor Hill's event! And I'll have ya'll with me as well for The Vintage Marketplace and Matilda's Mouse! Happy Holidays, girlfriend! Hugs, Red

trash talk said...

One word Cindy...magnificent! And that applies to the three ladies in the last photo as well!!!

Kadee Willow said...

Ok, girls..... I think besides Charleston, Chicago and somewhere in CA, I need to find a place near you girls in Texas!! Gesh.. you have the best times together and find the best loot to pick up along the way!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

OMG Cindy, I just saw where Sandy is coming to Judy's. What a inspiration overload you'll receive there as well. Wasn't Ann's place over the top beautiful. I've attended her open houses for so many years and each year I'm just blown away. She is beyond talented! You captured it so well. Glad to have seen y'all.

Charlene said...

We did have a MARVELOUS time girl!!! So much laughing. And how about that Heat Bar Blizzard! LOL!

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