Friday, December 13, 2013

My Cat friendly Bridal Tree.

This is my Colleen Moody doll that I made at Terri Brush's Art Camp. Of course I couldn't wait to use her on my Christmas tree this year. I used this same theme a couple of years ago when I had kittens and it turned out ok. Well, we have two 8 month old kittens again so I had to put up a tree that they can't break everything.........I hope!
She looks so pretty with lights under her skirt.
Just some old wedding photos to complete the look.
It's amazing how cute you can make a really cheap tree!
I didn't want to spend too much on this small tree in case they destroyed it.
Another angle.
I hope you all enjoy the season and enjoy your time with loved ones. Hubby and I will be here in Fort Worth, staying close to home and having a very laid back easy holiday.
Thanks for stopping by! 
Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Scrap Affair said...

This is so beautiful and romantic! Never saw a bride as a tree topper-I LIKE IT! :)

Karen Valentine said...

You have been busy!! The tree turned out great, and I love, love, love your doll. I bet that was a fun class!!!! Merry Christmas sweetie!!!

Nook and Cranny said...

Love the tree, so shabby beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.
Happy holiday...

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