Saturday, October 2, 2010

Magnolia Pearl Heaven

I felt like Alice in Wonderland who just fell down the rabbit hole, and landed in a fantasy land of poetry in lace and happiness on a hanger. I was awe of the vast creativity, yet simplicity of Robin and John's booth.

I couldn't decide if this was the Queen of Hearts or Alice herself. Can you believe they made these dress forms! Is there anything they can't do? I think not. I saw this at the front of the booth and my heart skipped a beat 
and a ran head first into the first rack of clothes I could find. Poor Faith was covered in my "want" pile in no time.
I loved these paper magnolias and of coarse the outfit, which I bought! I stress fractured my foot so it was kinda funny watching me hobble around the hay in a frenzy of buying! But it didn't slow me down to much. My 
friends did come check on me after two hours though...I was fanning myself as Cindy wrote my bill up, thank goodness I was sitting down!
And this was the slow time. The flowers beside Robin are from John for her. What a sweet couple.
I loved meeting Robin and John, what a beautiful couple, I mean please, do they wake up looking that cute?  I couldn't do that even on my best day in my best MP!
Miss Cindy after I had just bought the jacket off her back! I mean I really did buy the jacket off her back! Well, and the dress too... hey they were a set, I had to!
My last look of Pearl in my rear view mirror, I'll be clicking my heels together come spring cause "there's no place like Magnolia Pearl."


Charlene said...


Bohemian said...

You look adorable in your MP ensemble too! I'd wear nothing else... if I could afford to. *wink* Thankfully I bought most of mine years ago so I was able to get a collection of the bags, Brocade, French Curtain and Velvet Bloomers before she quit making them. I'm SO enjoying everyone's Posts about the Show since I couldn't make it *le sigh*... ah well, perhaps Spring... and save like mad so I can go on an MP binge too... can't take The Man though, he'd have a coronary! *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What fun! So many beautiful things...and beautiful ladies! ♥

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