Sunday, October 10, 2010

She'd been raised to have poise, modest and grace.

She'd been raised to have poise, modest with grace, but right now she was enjoying the sun on her face. She felt one with with nature, inhibitions gone, when a voice out of the clouds said "Stella put your clothes back on!" She looked at the man like he was from mars, said, "Oh what's the fuss, now pass me that jar." He looked at her and then back at the jar, then realized it was the one he snuck home from the bar. He knew he'd be in  trouble when she woke from this bubble so he stripped off his clothes and poured himself a double. 

They woke the next morning in a moonshine haze and a smile came to his face when he gave her a gaze. She laid next to him in a field of flowers, then she shot up like a bolt  and said "church starts in an hour!" The girl in the field ran into the house, only to run out as a small church mouse. A she sat in the pew her head thick as tar,  she wanted to know what was in that jar!  It had the kick of a mule but it made her feel free, she needed to find out who the gift angel could be! 

When she got home from church her husband's head low, oh she's gonna be mad, I'm gonna sleep in the car! But she shocked him for the first time since they'd wed under the stars, when she smiled sweetly and said "did you bring home that jar?"


Charlene said...

Cindy that is soooooooooooooo funny. I wish I could say I never had that happen to me. But, alas.... did you bring the jar? :) Charlene

fairyrocks said...

LOL, Moonshine Huh, who knew LOL
Nice to drop in and say hello. I look forward to making you one of my regular stops.
Thanks for sharing

Suz said...

Thank you...that is pretty darn funny!

Márcia Chaves said...

I tried to write a post earlier but it seems I couldn`t. I'm a follower and I really like your blog. Reaaly funny this short story!!

Hugs from Brazil,


Aelwyn said...

Awesome! :)

Catherine said...

Cindy, this is hilarious! I love the photo accompanying the story, too!

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