Saturday, October 2, 2010

Round Top Photos Fall 2010

On your marks, get ready....GO SHOPPING!
I wanted this so bad but where on earth would I put it?? I thought maybe a floor lamp? I'm  still kicking myself for not getting it!
My husband hates it when I go to estate sales because he says I'm buying dead people's stuff, so this booth was perfect! And I bought something!
Now who could resist not playing with these!!
Too many choices and not enough time to look at everything!
Just beautiful, it's much bigger in person so it was really impressive!
Saw these at Clutter, too neat, I love that place! I have never come to Round Top and not gone home with something from Clutter.
Handy idea to hang odds and ends of lace, where do I gt one of those?
I loved my horse growing up, I wish they made one for big girls! I'm pooped and I could use a ride about now!
These looked like grave markers but I'm not sure. They're not hide-a keys that's for sure.
There were just tables after tables of these beautiful old books, the rows were endless.
Loved this but just too pricey. That's the end of this day, more tomorrow!!

1 comment:

Aelwyn said...

I love that pink airplane!!!! And all that lace and trim...too hard to resist...good thing I'm all the way up here!!!

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