Friday, October 8, 2010

Wilma and Edna were sisters but nothing alike!

Wilma and Edna, twin sisters but nothing alike. Wilma's hair had curls and poor Edna's had spikes. So when Wilma got married her veil was as soft as a cat, while ol' Edna's veil looked like an old shower cap.Wilma married an actor with sunny hair and blue eyes, Edna married for love, when he proposed she even cried. 

Now Edna's married, in a house with feather beds while poor Wilma's been left for a man named Fred! So the moral of this story holds true till today, never marry a man too pretty, he'll never ever stay.


lovelythingsstudio said...

Hahaha! Love the pics and the poem. Oh!- to be so clever as you!!!

Aelwyn said...

I love it! Your stories/poems to these photos are amazing! You need to make a coffee table book!

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