Saturday, September 3, 2011

"The Lion,The Witch and the Wardrobe" & "Make Them Laugh" Comedian Table Decorations

I started doing these table decorations for a charity event called Design Inspirations over 10 years ago. I did one to two tables every year for about 8 years. After my attic and cabinets were so full of dishes, chargers and odd decorations that I could not fit any more in, I had to say no more! The sensible thing to do would be to give these things away but I can't seem to part with them. I'll be on the TV show "Hoarders" one day and you can say you know where it all started!
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe was my theme for one of the years I did this event. I made the tablecloth from a frosty blue fabric and faux fur all around the bottom. I found the little chest at TJ Maxx, but the lamp post is PVC pipe and a lantern painted black. I have it weighted down with a big dictionary!
I just loved this book growing up and enjoyed the movie as well so I was SO amazed how many people had never heard of it! I had to keep explaining it to so many people! The napkins had snowflakes on them and the place cards were for each one of the characters and an explanation of who the character was.
I made the capes for each chair made out of the same fabric! I had faux fur all over my sewing room for weeks! I kept making that "thspt" sound spitting it out of my face. The cats loved it though, they would hide under the fabric and while I was sewing all of a sudden the fabric wouldn't move. I would peek under the table and there would be these little fuzzy bodies just sleeping away under the fabric.
You can see that in this photo I was in a far corner...the Chairman of the event that year didn't like me much after I refused to "buy" the tickets for the table for $1500. Every year in the past I had decorated one and sometimes two tables for them to sell tickets to, at my own expense! So Miss Crabby Pants put baby in the corner! Of all the nerve!
All I know is that this little blue flower cost a fortune! This small arrangement at each place setting was  $30 worth of flowers! Really? Did swamp land come with that? Oh well, they fit the theme, they were Swiss $omething! I also covered the chargers in the fur, just for fun!
This was the next year when I did a "Make em' Laugh" table with famous comedians. The TV was made by a friend out of a heavy wood and has sliding panels so I could change the pictures! I found the rabbit ears at goodwill, lucky for me! I made the tux chair covers and they almost killed me. I have never strung so many cuss words together in one sentence!
The best Lucy show of all times! I just used feather boas on the martini glasses and as many roses as I could afford. I kind of stuffed some fake ones on the underside of the TV, you couldn't tell unless you looked really close. Roses are expensive and of course the event was in February!!!
Well of course the plate was not on straight! But don't ya' just love Bob. All  those USO tours he did and, all of his funny movies. He just makes me smile just to see his face!
All those old "Road Show" movies with Bing Crosby! There were what, 8 or so movies? Loved them all! 
ARG! Crooked again! Oh well, you get the idea. You would not believe the tablecloths, fabric, chair covers and plates I have from all these table scape's! I have every book by Preston Bailey and any other book I can find on entertaining and table decorations, I know, another collection of stuff!! Just add it to the list! My next table scape will be,"Hi my name is Cindy and I have too much stuff!" :) To go back to the list click here at


Sandy Navarro said...

OMG! I love it all and don't you even think about getting rid of any of it! Spoken from one hoarder sister to another! LOL Make sure I have a place at that table, woman!

Love ya!

Unknown said...

I think they are awesome Cindy, I love them all, you were hiding some of those talents and now we have the goods on you! lol Beautiful table decorating! Hugs Marilou

Susan said...

Your tables are awesome!! If this is the stuff you will be hoarding, well it can't be bad!! I wanna see that television show!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh my goodness....what a talent you are Cindy!!! I just want to come play in your studio with all I know you must have in there!!!


Riki Schumacher said...

Wow Cindy, too cool on the tables. You really have a talent for that, love it. My name is Riki, and I have too much jewelry stuff!! Hugs, Riki

Nancy said...

O Cindy! Sis this really hits home! I throw a theme party once a year for our friends~ 20 couples. We have had to rent a Storage Unit because I can't part with all those special things I put together either!!

Huggs, Nancy

Hearts Turned said...

Oh my goodness, Cindy! What beautiful tables you created! Love them both--so much time & vision--and love--put into each one! I think I could be on an episode of "Hoarders", too (well, soon, if I'm not careful!)

Thank-you so much for your sweet visit and very kind words--they mean so much! So nice to hear the origins of your blog's name--wonderful!

Wishing you the most wonderful Labor Day...


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