Monday, September 19, 2011

JUNK BONANZA! One of the best shows ever!

Jesus, Joseph and Mary, ok just Mary, but you will not believe all the cool stuff in this post. This is a long post but if you want to see pics of everything possible, hang in there till the end!
Sorry I haven't photo shopped or cropped any of these photos. I wanted to show them to you right away so the quality of some of these shots are a little rough, but you get the idea!
I still never figured out what these were for!
Happy Birthday to me!
"We are Siamese if you please...."

I think this was made to be a headboard! How wild is this! I think it use to be a fence.

Poodles were everywhere, must be the new trend??

I loved this! It was a bit out of my price range, yikes!

OK, now where are the mini motorcycles!?!
I loved this booth, lots of cream and pink everything. Look how she covered the piece right in front with sheets of music. too cute.

I think Jennifer Hayslip would love to have this but it wouldn't fit in my suitcase!
Adorable booth and vendors, this is either Cindy Cochran or Michelle Leistad. They had so much great vintage stuff at great prices. Their booth was called "Iris and Ivy."
I can't remember what these are called but they would make cute pin cushions!

Agh, I wanted it all!

My gal pal and super fun roomie Karen Valentine. We had a blast at the Bonanza and Creative Connection where Karen did a panel discussion and sold a ton of her books,"Building Beautiful Blogs." You can find Karen's book at I needed all the help I could get and her book was a great help!
What a great idea for a photo holder!

These were old 78's that had been cut down to coaster size. I bought several for Christmas presents, I just thought they were fun and different. I can't believe I just said Christmas presents, can you believe it's less than 4 months away?!
Every time I see Mermaids I always think of my friend Charlene. I'm not sure what she would have done with  these girls though so I passed. Well, that and they were pretty dang pricey.

"I got a pair of brand new roller skates, you got a brand new key..."
So many great ideas rolled into one display!
Don't you love the doll head displays! LuLu can you hear me?
This gal made hat bands out of all kinds of hardware and findings. It's so fun to see such new creative ideas that  people come up with.
Pretty neat huh!
Another great hat band.
I bought a great cuff from  Annie de Jongh. Her business is called "Grace and Corazon." She has an Etsy shop but I think right now it's sitting pretty empty because she said she was selling out of everything! She said this was her best show ever!

I bought this altered lumber yard apron and plan to bling it out just a tad more....
Great pearl chandelier!
Altered Bottles are still the rage and this vendor said she couldn't keep enough of them in her booth!

How could you not buy something from this sweet face!
My new BFF Junk Bonanza buddy Gretchen Schumann who took it upon herself to find me a ride back to my hotel. The taxi ride out to this event was $70 which Gretchen just refused to let me pay again so she found an adorable young girl who was a vendor out there to take me back to my hotel.(and of course I have forgotten her name!)
I mean what an guardian angel! Her booth had so much wonderful jewelry t was hard to decide what NOT to buy. The name of her company is Mimi-Toria's Designs. Her Etsy shop can be found at,, check her out!

So much great junk and so little time! The prices were great, the vendors were friendly and if you're ever anywhere near their next sale, GO!


My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Wow what an event. I saw lots of lovelies I would of loved to taken home. Thanks for sharing all your great pictures.


Sandy Navarro said...

Girl, looks like you had to buy an extra plane ticket to get all your new junk home! And ya know, Miss Charlene would have mounted those mermaids on the outside of the 5th wheel if you'd brought 'em home! LOL
So glad you had a great time.

Magic Gypsy said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures but next time you have to stuff me in your suitcase.

Linda said...

Such great photos! I need to get out of the booth and shop more next time!! So many goodies! I am a new follower!

Lucys Baby said...

So fun to see Junk Bonanza through your eyes. Even though we were at the event together, you saw things that I missed.
Funny that we never talked about Gretchen, she is a friend of mine. I have several pieces of her jewelry, plus, I also bought a necklace from Grace and Corazon, LOVED her and her booth.
I had such a good time with you and Karen, you both really made is so fun!

Gretchen said...

Oh my dear sweet Cindy. You have be blushing... your words are too kind. It is just how I was raised, thanks to my dear parents, to think of others and my Dad was the one that always picked up random hitch hikers and gave them rides all of his life. It was only natural for me to want to help you out. Glad you were able to get a ride with Jennifer Kroeger of Relic Charms. :) She is a sweetie. We have good people here in MN, and you met some of the best. :) Laura Murphy, Jan Bush Wood, Jennifer Kroeger and Annie. Come back up next year, like I mentioned and spend more time at JB with us all. :)
Thanks for your kind words. May I have permission to use a few of your great photos you have of us and my booth? Yours are great!
It was fun to see the JB through your photographs, as I was pretty stuck in my space and truly didn't see most of it.
Can't wait to keep in touch with you.
Mimi-Toria's Designs

A Vintage Mood said...

It was so nice to meet you at the event, Cindy. Thank you for showing pics of my doll head displays and tiara hat bands. I hope you enjoy yours!

art and antiques said...

If you like Junk Bonanza, you'll love Picker paradise. Check it out in Duluth, MN July 28-29, 2012

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