Monday, September 5, 2011

Valentine's Day "Won't you be mine?" & Safari, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" Table decorations

This is another installment of my table decorations! So, I decided to link up with Naps on the Porch Tabletop Thursdays! What the heck I should share my obsession! 
(Part one is below this one).
 I did this for many years so I have quite a few tables to show you so lets start in this post with my budget table! This Valentine table was done on a budget because the second table I did that year cost me a ton in florist bills! All the fabric for the Valentine table came from the $1 a yard bargain bin at Walmart, as well as the candy, and candles. SO, wa-la a table by Walmart!!!
I built this whole table around these large plates I found at Target. I love Target! And who doesn't love Valentine's Day! The chargers were plates covered in fabric and conversation hearts. I sprayed a clear laquer all over them and the kids still tried to eat them, Yikes! The couple centerpiece is actually part of a fountain and like so many of my centerpieces, weighed a ton!
Since I was trying to keep a cheaper budget on this table, I used carnations and candy, sooooo much cheaper!
I copied old valentines and addressed them to cutie actors, Tom Hanks just says Valentines Day. Can't you just see Tom and Meg doing a movie about Valentines Day?
It looked a little goopy and campy but it just fit. After the night of the event I had conversation hearts and candy kiss wrappers all over the place, I mean a little table manners please!
I found the heart fabric and red satin at Walmart so I used it on everything! This was the cheapest table I ever made which made it even more fun!
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" was a pretty easy table to do once I got over the sticker shock of the centerpiece, Yikes Birds of "big bucks" paradise! Once the Rhino was filled with flowers I decided I had to raise that ritzy rhino up so everyone could see him! So I decided to made a thick "pen" made out of books, grass and sticks from a back yard tree. That rhino weighed about 45 pounds with the flowers. I was so afraid it would break the table!
I know you may not be able to see it but each plate has a lion on it. The tablecloth has two layers, the bottom is a velvet I tie-dyed green and the top layer is a greenish chiffon.
I HATE SEWING CHIFFON! It's satan's fabric! It's horrible! Anyway, I borrowed the glasses from Pier One, wasn't that nice of them!
So since my flower was blown on Ralph the rhino I just added a few flowers to the back of the chairs. And wa-la, it only took me three weeks to get this one together! Hope you enjoyed part #2, I have one or two more if you like these. Happy Memorial Day! Be sure to go back to  to enjoy the other tables! (sorry I had that wrong earlier)
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Susan said...

Your tables are beautiful! Love the Valentine's one!

Charlene said...

So cute! You should link with Tablescape Thursday to show these to some of those girls that also do over the top tables. It always amazes me! I'm doing good to get food on the table much less scapes for it. Can't wait until FRIDAY!!!! HUGS!

Trisha said...

I love seeing all of your tablescapes and can't wait to see more of them!


Cheryl De Beer said...

Wow so much work, so pretty!

Maija said...

Amazing table decor!!
I'm a friend of Charlene's and I will also be attending Jenn's event in October, so I wanted to pop over and say hi!!!
I adore Charlene, and even though it sounds cliche, and friend of hers is a friend of mine!!!!
I will look forward to knowing you better!

S said...

Such different tables - you are talented!

Lana K. W. Austin said...

Okay, I'm in love!!! These tables are wonderful! I'm SO HAPPY you shared these at BNOTP so I could find you!!!! You dyed the cloth for the one jungle themed table and I can't even imagine that level of detail (well, actually, being a little obsessed artistically by such things, I can) and applaud you! The BOP flowers are STUNNING in that amazing piece!!!

Such stunning details!!!

I'm gonna go follow you right now!


Entertaining Women said...

Spectacular centerpieces, and some days campy is exactly what's needed! Thank you for sharing your amazing designs. Cherry Kay

Karin Şen Cankan said...

Lovely table.

Looks great

Karin Şen Cankan

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