Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where were you ?

Do you remember where you were  and who you were with? I was with my friend Laura, holding hands, and watching on TV, as the second tower fell.  That feeling of fear and the look of shock on my friends face, will stay with me always. This will remain a lifelong bond between us.
My mother  knows to this day where she was, and what she was doing when JFK was shot. We were in Hawaii and she was giving me a bath.For my grandmother, it was December 7, 1941, the day Pearl Harbor was bombed, she was in the garden picking tomatoes.

 As we look from generation to generation, there has always a tragedy that our has country faced for each generation to have to remember and relive for the rest of their lives. My prayer for our next generation that there will be no tragedy to remember, no parades to be thrown for victims or veterans, and an end to the relentless circle of violence we face today. 


Charlene said...

Watching the 10 year coverage just brings it all back again...
Where was I???? I had just brought 32 seniors (my parents had a tour business & we had helped them excout a trip)back from a river cruise ending in Budapest, Hungry. We could have been stranded there with no where to stay, no translator & yet, so blessed to be alive. GOD Bless those we lost, their families & our country! Isn't is amazing how LIFE can change in just a few short minutes!

mollydianeh said...

I was a paramedic/firefighter here in Georgia; but my heart was bleeding for NYC. I was getting ready to start my shift in the local hospital ER. Watching the t.v. I can't recall what was being said, but I'll never forget the nightmarish images of the towers burning and then the unbelievable collapsing of the first and then second tower. It seemed as if it was all in slow motion. Today, 10 years later,despite all of the fussing and fighting of our "fine" {tongue in cheek} leaders our nation has accomplished a lot! And we still have former Mayor Juliani that can still speak out and pray boldly, despite Bloombergs banning of the clergy,PD and FD and prayer(today,at ground zero). There are Angels AND Patriots all among us! Praise God!

Bohemian said...

I was working at a Food Ministry with other volunteers at a local Food Bank Warehouse, we had no access to a TV so we didn't know until we returned from our Shift what had happened.

Dawn... The Bohemian

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