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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year !!

Happy New Year! I wish you all, the time and inspiration to be creative, fabulous flea market finds, yards and yards of vintage lace, tinsel stars, and anything else old and tarnished that your heart desires! Thank you for making 2010 a great first year for me in blogland!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

To my friend Karen, her very own Santa

This is the Santa I sent one of my favorite people, Karen Valentine of Valentine Design. She is such a sweet wonderful person that she actually posted a very sweet story about her gift. That's why I love to just give my Santas to friends like Karen, she  made me feel that she really appreciated my gift which made it all worth it.

These are her photos from her website, her photos are so much prettier than mine! Another thing to add to my "what to learn in 2011."

Don't you love the white border she puts around her photos!

I'm glad you liked him Karen, Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Flu and the Pink Santa!

After all the holiday events, hugs and buffets, I ended up getting sick. So feeling cooped up and bored to death of daytime TV I started making a pink Santa? Well of coarse a pink Santa! Who doesn't have a pink Santa!

Wouldn't ya love to have a pink Cadi, put down the top and go someplace , any place with a car full of girlfriends! When I found the Cadillac it was the focal point of this Santa!
I thought the perfect place to put my new pink Santa would be in my sewing room where he would be surrounded with pink trees! It's amazing the effects those cold drugs can have. At a not lucid moment at 2 am I went out to the garage to get this old pink pedal car and started putting everything together. I finished at 3:30 am! When I woke up the next day it was like little elfs had been there because I don't remember half of what I did!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

You know I really didn't mind that I had a gecko living in my mailbox, I think he was a nice gecko who had a family and has been living in there for months. I thought we had an agreement, neither of us would bother the other! UNTIL yesterday, I pull up to the mailbox, pull out my mail and put it in the passenger seat, little did I know I had another passenger!!
OMG! All of a sudden I look down and I have this gecko clinging to the front of my sweater!!!! I'm sure he was screaming in gecko language as loud as I was, well actually I can't say what I was screaming but we were both equally as shocked to be that close proximity ! I swerved, he swerved on my chest, after almost wetting my pants, hitting the curb and flinging the car door open, HE WOULD NOT LET GO!
 The little bugger held on like he was going for 8 seconds on a bull called Loco! Finally I flung the poor guy into the monkey grass then ran around doing the icky dance for another 8 seconds! Then of coarse ran in the house changed my sweater, in case he wet HIS pants and went to the loo.  Ah the holidays, ya never know what Santa has up his sleeve!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Moses and Foo Foo's Santa

Twas the night before the party and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring except Moses the louse!
All the pieces have been glued and I was so filled with glee, when I picked up the Santa and OMG felt pee! So I screamed, and said oh what do I do, what I wanted to do was to give Moses my shoe.

It was obvious that Moses had no remorse of his deed, no mice in his stocking it was on Santa that he peed! Poor Santa couldn't be spared, in the dumpster he went, I was so mad at that cat, to time out he was sent!
So on again, on again, I worked until dawn, I delivered the clean Santa with a big yawn. We had a new Santa but no toys and a base, bring him back after Christmas, I'm still on the case. So a full year later, toys and base just look fantastic, awaiting his pick up.......but covered in plastic!
This is my friend Brenda just loving every moment with Santa! Foo Foo is Brenda's mother, the grandchildren named her that! Brenda brought her mother's Santa that I had made years earlier, over for repairs. That was night of the drive by pee. Her Santa is now ready to go, yes, covered in plastic from head to toe. Moses proofed!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Consider buying the best present ever! You can donate to help animals like these find a home for the holidays! In this economy shelters are needing your help. Please find one near you and save a life!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gobble, Gobble and Deck the Halls!

I know I can't believe I already have Christmas up, it's still November! But my creative friend Susan said the only day she had available was this past Sunday so I jumped at the chance to have her help! My sweet friend Susie the elf helped too! So between the three of us it took from 9am to 6pm! We were exhausted but it turned out beautiful!
This photo doesn't even give justice to how beautiful the tree looked. I need to get my friend Charlene over here and take some better shots!
This is the mantle in the living room with of coarse..another Santa!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I love to give Santas!

I love Christmas time and I love giving friends and loved ones my Santas. This is my favorite Santa that I've made so far. It's a Harry Potter Santa! I loved making all the text books but the "sorting hat" took several attempts. I kept this one!

I tried to put everything in from the books and movies, the mirror, the dragons, the wizard's cup, Harry's trunk and of coarse the owls. I know it's silly but I love everything about the stories.

I wish I could say that this is only the second Santa that I have kept but it's one of many that I just couldn't let go of! I have my work cut out for me this year, I have 3 more to make and deliver before Christmas! Yikes!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And the Winner of the Breast Cancer Pink Belt Buckle is....

We have a winner!!! 
Vicky of the rustyroostervintage.blogspot.com from Florida is the winner of the pink belt buckle! Thank to you all for coming to my blog and spending a few minutes to read my silly poems and enter my first giveaway! No worries though, I'm hooked, I'll be doing many giveaways  in the future. Keep stopping by because my November-December Christmas surprize will really be wonderful. I started it a while back and still have to complete it before I post it. I'll give you a hint...... it's small enough to fit down your chimney but bigger than a bread basket. Do I have your interest? Good! A post will be coming soon. Hope you all had a wonderful fun filled Halloween, we had almost 300 trick-or-treaters so we're pooped! See you soon!-Cindy

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pink October Giveway!!!

It's my first giveaway and it's in honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's a pink belt buckle that's been bejeweled with everything I could find. I'd like to think the ballerina symbolizes getting back on your toes and recovering from treatment or maybe being on "point" to do self breast exams! I've put a couple of other little things to go with it including a vintage 3 strand of pearls.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, the winner will be picked on October 30th! I would also love it if you could grab my giveaway button and put it on your blog to help me spread the word. Please have a look around my blog while you are here. I'm a new to Blogland so I'd love to make some new friends! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

She'd been raised to have poise, modest and grace.

She'd been raised to have poise, modest with grace, but right now she was enjoying the sun on her face. She felt one with with nature, inhibitions gone, when a voice out of the clouds said "Stella put your clothes back on!" She looked at the man like he was from mars, said, "Oh what's the fuss, now pass me that jar." He looked at her and then back at the jar, then realized it was the one he snuck home from the bar. He knew he'd be in  trouble when she woke from this bubble so he stripped off his clothes and poured himself a double. 

They woke the next morning in a moonshine haze and a smile came to his face when he gave her a gaze. She laid next to him in a field of flowers, then she shot up like a bolt  and said "church starts in an hour!" The girl in the field ran into the house, only to run out as a small church mouse. A she sat in the pew her head thick as tar,  she wanted to know what was in that jar!  It had the kick of a mule but it made her feel free, she needed to find out who the gift angel could be! 

When she got home from church her husband's head low, oh she's gonna be mad, I'm gonna sleep in the car! But she shocked him for the first time since they'd wed under the stars, when she smiled sweetly and said "did you bring home that jar?"

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wilma and Edna were sisters but nothing alike!

Wilma and Edna, twin sisters but nothing alike. Wilma's hair had curls and poor Edna's had spikes. So when Wilma got married her veil was as soft as a cat, while ol' Edna's veil looked like an old shower cap.Wilma married an actor with sunny hair and blue eyes, Edna married for love, when he proposed she even cried. 

Now Edna's married, in a house with feather beds while poor Wilma's been left for a man named Fred! So the moral of this story holds true till today, never marry a man too pretty, he'll never ever stay.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday Trip to Round Top Texas September 2010

Wow what a wonderful birthday trip! We were 5 crazy girls from Fort Worth in an adorable little house...with only one bathroom! We shopped for days till I thought we would just drop but we would  go back to our little cottage to sleep and dream of all the things to look for the next day! 
We met wonderful, precious people, who invited us to the best parties....
We ate at Royers about 100 times, Bud was a doll as usual and the food is always beyond fabulous. That's where we had my birthday party, it was so much fun the entire restaurant got involved! 
But, the fun really started when we went to the Junk Gypsy Prom!! I didn't think we'd ever leave the house we were laughing at each other so hard putting on our wild outfits. We all wore petticoats and pink cowboy hats, it's party trick to dress alike, that way it's easier to find each other! 

We saw, we partied, we danced with men in formal wear,law enforcement, and then got home without having to make a phone call for bail money!! 
But then it was time to go back to Fort Worth. So it was sad seeing Round Top in my rear view mirror, but I'm gonna click my heels twice and come back in the spring! And I'm bringing my duck!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Magnolia Pearl Heaven

I felt like Alice in Wonderland who just fell down the rabbit hole, and landed in a fantasy land of poetry in lace and happiness on a hanger. I was awe of the vast creativity, yet simplicity of Robin and John's booth.

I couldn't decide if this was the Queen of Hearts or Alice herself. Can you believe they made these dress forms! Is there anything they can't do? I think not. I saw this at the front of the booth and my heart skipped a beat 
and a ran head first into the first rack of clothes I could find. Poor Faith was covered in my "want" pile in no time.
I loved these paper magnolias and of coarse the outfit, which I bought! I stress fractured my foot so it was kinda funny watching me hobble around the hay in a frenzy of buying! But it didn't slow me down to much. My 
friends did come check on me after two hours though...I was fanning myself as Cindy wrote my bill up, thank goodness I was sitting down!
And this was the slow time. The flowers beside Robin are from John for her. What a sweet couple.
I loved meeting Robin and John, what a beautiful couple, I mean please, do they wake up looking that cute?  I couldn't do that even on my best day in my best MP!
Miss Cindy after I had just bought the jacket off her back! I mean I really did buy the jacket off her back! Well, and the dress too... hey they were a set, I had to!
My last look of Pearl in my rear view mirror, I'll be clicking my heels together come spring cause "there's no place like Magnolia Pearl."magnoliapearl.com

Round Top Photos Fall 2010

On your marks, get ready....GO SHOPPING!
I wanted this so bad but where on earth would I put it?? I thought maybe a floor lamp? I'm  still kicking myself for not getting it!
My husband hates it when I go to estate sales because he says I'm buying dead people's stuff, so this booth was perfect! And I bought something!
Now who could resist not playing with these!!
Too many choices and not enough time to look at everything!
Just beautiful, it's much bigger in person so it was really impressive!
Saw these at Clutter, too neat, I love that place! I have never come to Round Top and not gone home with something from Clutter.
Handy idea to hang odds and ends of lace, where do I gt one of those?
I loved my horse growing up, I wish they made one for big girls! I'm pooped and I could use a ride about now!
These looked like grave markers but I'm not sure. They're not hide-a keys that's for sure.
There were just tables after tables of these beautiful old books, the rows were endless.
Loved this but just too pricey. That's the end of this day, more tomorrow!!
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