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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Magnolia Pearl give-away!!

Yes you read right! My next give-away is a pair of Authentic Magnolia Pearl Bloomers!!! They are brand new, never worn from MP's vintage collection! I bought them and they got lost in the black hole of my closet! So, I decided that I should share my newfound bloomers with you!  What's the occassion? To celebrate spring and Robin's new collection making it's debue at Marburger Farm in March 23- April 2nd. I plan on asking either Robin or John Gray of Magnolia Pearl to pick a name out of a hat on April 1st! I will be recouperating from the Junk Gypsy Prom but I will promptly come home and reveal the winner! These bloomers are a violet gray brocade design that are to die for! They will go with a simple t-shirt or an elegant silk blouse, perfect for any occasion, and they can be yours! Just leave me a comment and then if you would like, link onto Magnolia Pearl's website pearl@magnolia.com or blog and just browse through a magical place of beautiful things. Thank you all for stopping by, good luck! 
P.S. Please grab this button and post it on your site to spread the word! Many, many thanks!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mother-Daughter Adventures in Abilene

I just spent the weekend with my mom, doing the usual mother-daughter things like ....... going to a "FUR-BALL"! The Abilene Rescue the Animals organization puts on this fund raising ball every year to raise money for their shelter. This year it was a pirate theme where owners and dogs dressed up! They have small dog dance competition, a large dog dance competition, costume awards, and of coarse  a doggie buffet. Everyone got  into the theme, if you were not dressed up you were the minority! Hopefully in days to come I can download some photos for you of all the dogs! It was so fun!

While there with my mom we came across many old photos of the two of us so I thought on occasion I would post our adventures with an old photo. I think I was three and I was such a spaz, I kept falling out of the wagon so my dad built sides on it for me! Some things never change! I believe this was taken in Hawaii and my mother was about 24? Thanks for letting me share.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Valentine's Day Love Story

OK So this really isn't Joey and I but I've been told this does look like me and the groom looks so British in that cutaway coat, and the bride with the wreath of flowers in her hair, I'm thinking 1960s? I love it! And, love my husband, always have, always will. 

I wish I had a wildly romantic story about the two of us but the truth of it was when we met we had both sworn off EVER being married again! We were both going through a divorce  and thought we would live our  lives alone, and love every minute of it. I had this vision of buying an old house and filling it full of antiques, cats and a small english flower garden. Anything that did not involve a man. And then we met. 

It's funny how the scope of your life can change in an instant. We dated for two years filled with oodles of huge flower arrangements, presents, and being wooed like I had never been wooed before. It worked. We've been married now for almost 19 years. I always hated it when people make sappy statements like when something bad happens it "brought them closer than ever." Well I am now living those words. 

After becoming "health-challenged", things just changed. Slowly at first, but in time we found our place in a life filled with more patience, kindness, and love. Happy Valentines Day to you and your love. May it be all you wish.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Parkinson's Quilt Square

This is the 2ft x 2ft quilt square that I sent in to the Parkinson's Foundation to be apart of a huge quilt that will travel the globe spreading the word about the disease and the hopes for a cure. This is of coarse a cause close to me having being diagnosed 4 years ago. I wrote the poem in the bottom corner. If you'd like to see the quilt in it's entirety you can find them on Facebook under the Parkinson's Disease Foundation. Thanks for letting me share. :)
Are you shocked it's a mini wedding dress, of coarse!

"Bound by movement and lack of grace, sometimes they're days you don't want to face.
But through the weavings of ribbon and lace, I've found the peace to slow my pace.
A marriage of hope and patience of mind, time to reflect but hard to unwind.
So I create this piece with seams I did bind, in hopes of a cure in plenty of time."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If you don't like the weather in Texas...

The saying goes,
if you don't like the weather in Texas,
Wait 5 minutes and it'll change!!
Actually it took only 2 days to go from 73 degrees to 18 degrees and three inches of snow and ice!
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