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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beautiful fields of Bluebonnets could be hiding a Big Bite!

Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas.  They grow about a foot tall and they say the flower got it's name because the shape of the petals look like bonnets worn by pioneer women to shade them from the harsh Texas sun. These flowers grow in the wild and the season is usually from March to late May. Former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson is who we can thank for the blankets of this beautiful flower. 
In the Lone Star State, highways and small two lane bread and butter bi-ways are lined with these beautiful flowers. The highways and fields seem to go on forever. It's nothing to see cars parked along a busy highway with children, dogs, and even brides, posing amongst the bluebonnets. But just a word of caution!
You may not be alone in this landscape of beauty. It is very common to have diamond back rattlesnakes hiding in the grass. So, PLEASE, take a few moments to check the area before you pose loved ones and furry faces in these fields of color. You might end up with a Texas sized bite, "where the sun don't shine!"

Friday, March 23, 2012

"Oh-ho girls just want to have fun-hun" Paper Cowgirls part 2

Just some fun shots from Paper Cowgirl! Thanks to everyone 
for letting me lift your photos for this post! I decided since my camera, not me, was taking such horrible photos, I would just borrow from others!
Serious crafting times for all.
Time for being just a tad silly when you're around such 
fun people!
Time for finished projects!
Time with treasured friends.
Time with new friends.
Time with the most beautiful, creative women in the whole world!
 Wait a minute where am I??
Time with people that ALWAYS make me laugh.
Time with the Queen.
Time with the jester!
Time for lunch, dinner and drinks, with new friends!
Time to gab instead of listening to the teacher!
Time with the Mad Hatter
And time to end this photo filled post, thanks to all my friends!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Paper Cowgirl Workshop with a Rowdy Bunch of Cowgirls!

What a great adventure in Waxahatchie Texas! I went to the Paper Cowgirl Creative Round-up and had a blast creating with old friends and finding new ones to add to that potential BFF rolodex! Cindy Mayfield corralled 45 women into a scrapbook holding pen and tried to get us to all behave and listen to our teachers. Did it work? Of course not! We were like a barrel of monkeys gone wild but, we did listen to the teachers well enough to finish our projects!

This is KarenValentine's beautiful cream and white  lace covered journal that we adorned with buttons and vintage flowers. It was great to complete this journal before I left. My plan is to write about all the workshops I participate in and a description of the classes. It's so easy to forget the little tricks and creative techniques you learn, so I have written notes on all my projects.

This was Dawn Edmonson's class, and to quote Cindy Mayfield,"her "Peat Pot Nest Baby" class is a class that will make you smile. I can tell you this, she is the sweetest most genuine person you will ever meet. She was an angel straight out of Georgia! This class was so fun because everyone had their own little twist to their pea pod. A little bird here, a crown there, made everyone's different and unique.
Donna Goss was our teacher/wrangler for the little crown class, and it was adorable! It turned out smaller that I thought, about 8 inches high but it is perfect for a Christmas ornament or even a party favor to put at each place setting at a luncheon or Birthday party! They were pretty easy to make so these will be on my project list for the weeks to come!
Lisa Mcilvain's altered book was beyond wonderful! I wish I could share all the photos of this book but the best shots of this book can be found on her blog Tarnished and Tattered. I didn't finish this project because I needed more images, but this book is something I also plan to make more copies of for special friends.
The second night in Waxahachie we had a shopping night in downtown! The shops and Antique Malls stayed open late and welcomed us with snacks and drinks. Everyone was so welcoming and greeted us with smiles all around! We all bought up the shops as best we could!!
After another day of classes we all went to, "oh sigh," another night of shopping! The preview night of  Petticoats on the Prairie had us all scrambling for vintage flea market items and gifts galore!
It was sad to say good-bye to all of my new friends but all good things must end.....until the next one! When this event comes around again next year I will be putting it  on my calendar again!  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Magnolia Pearl Fashion Show!

As many of you know, I have this love, adoration, obsession of anything Magnolia Pearl. I know it's not for everyone, but after watching this video of their Fashion Show, I think you'll understand what goes on behind the magic curtain of Robin Brown's Mind. It's always fun to look at a show like this and think to yourself, 'how on earth did they think of that?' So just take a few minutes and fall down the rabbit hole they call Magnolia Pearl!
Just click on the address below and it will take you to the link:
Magnolia Pearl Fashion Imaginarium (Fashion Show)
Magnolia Pearl Fashion Imaginarium (Fashion Show)
About this video:
"Magnolia Pearl Fashion Imaginarium (Fashion Show) Filmed in Fredericksburg, TX. Feb 18th 2012."
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