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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Mystery of the missing Charlottes

I am still organizing all of my stuff to go into my now two studio rooms! Can you believe this mess! I always take everything out to re-organize. It makes a huge mess but I seem to get rid of more stuff when I have to find a space for it.  So, as you can see, there is a bounty of things for cats to get into.........
Now this bowl was not full of frozen charlottes but pretty close. So when I noticed that 80% were missing I knew where to start looking.........
"LOVIE" a.k.a "Lovie the Lifter"...........
"LUCY" a.k.a" Lucy the Looter"...........

Now where the other 20 charlottes are, I have no idea and Lucy and Lovie aren't talking!

But I'm still on the case!! 
I'm hoping as I go into the midst of the mayhem in the living room I'll find the rest of them. 
It's like a homemade jungle for them to play in. 

The bigger kitty Lucy was walking along a sheet draped over all this stuff and all of a sudden'WOOSH' she disappeared into a cavern of crafting crap! I'll keep you updated. SO sorry for the lack of posts, I'm been spending weeks working on this mess! Cross you fingers I find all those missing Charlottes!
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