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Friday, April 27, 2018

WWJD- What would Jo-Ann's Do?

Well here I am in the middle of April and I'm still not back into my house. 
They say June12th. I say...&^%$#$%^(##!!!!
 We moved out the first week in June of 2017.
 Just a lovely time we've had.

However, in these lovely months of having only 4 pairs of shoes and a very limited wardrobe, 
I found out that I can do with less. Less things to fold, tuck or hide away. 
The funny thing is I think this is a good idea except for when it comes to my crafting artistic supplies.   My horde of "things " .

SO, I will wear he same 4 pairs of shoes but have 100 pounds of lace? 
Am I crazy, getting old, daft in the doll-head? 
It makes you wonder. WWJD-What would JoANn's Do?

Has my reality shifted? Have I died and come out the other side. ....Well I Kinda did but.....
Is this the side of life where you wear what you want to wear, you eat chocolate, you have that margarita at lunch, if only then having to go home and have a nap. 
But you had that margarita with no apologies.

Wow no apologies. How nice would that be. I think I am really British because I say "I'm sorry" for for no reason. It's just like a habit of mine. 
Someone bumps into me and I say I'm sorry.
 How pathetic !
But that's me pathetic cindy who hates confrontation. 
Screw that! From now on I am made of......a......firm jello or a gummy bear consistency.

Excuse my rant. I'm in the middle of menopause. 
I cannot be held responsible for my actions. LOL
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