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Monday, February 27, 2012

Is Oscar doing Jenny Craig too?

OK is it just me or does she look like the shriveled beautiful actress we use to know as Angelina Jolie? I was at an Oscar watching party with a group of friends and when she came on stage, there was a group "gasp" as she stood there looking like she didn't even have the strength to hold an oscar to give to the winner? When did this become the "new sexy" for Hollywood? When did the 000 become the new size 4, 
and who the heck even wears a 4 these days? 
I'm past the point of ever believing I'll be skinny again because I'm just not willing to starve myself to get there! Then again what I consider skinny is Hollywood's idea of being obese. This obsession with weight is driving me crazy! Every time we turn around there is another actress doing a Jenny Craig commercial, when we all know she really had lap band. Even the diet people cheat and lie about losing weight. There is a diet where you get hormone 
shots that tells your body you're pregnant! 
Women are taking extra testosterone! 
Yea you'll be skinny all right.......with a 5 o'clock shadow! 
This is crazy! "Stop the insanity!"

Just me on a rant.
P.S. What was with that leg thing?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

You're invited to a YouTube Linky Party

So, it's late at night  you can't sleep, you're tired of playing on Pinterest so you head over to YouTube right? So it gave me an idea! How about a YouTube Linky Party! By now you've all seen videos on YouTube, so how about sharing your favorite video with all of us?

On March 31st just post your favorite YouTube video on your blog and then come back here to link up! It's very easy to do. Simply go to YouTube, find your favorite video, hit the share button. Under the blue Facebook button there will be an arrow for more options, click on that and hit the Blogger button. This will automatically post the video to a blank post which you can save as a draft or go ahead and post it.  The videos can be funny, informative, or just plain bizarre!!! Whatever you think the rest of us might enjoy.

It's something new and fun and I'd love for all of you to join in! Just grab the button on the sidebar please, to help me spread the word. If you want to do a quick post to let your followers know you will be linking up on March 31st that would be wonderful too. The more the merrier! I have no idea how many will link up but I think it'll be fun. Above is one of the many videos that make me laugh every time I see it! I think I have about 50 in my favorites file with YouTube just in case I need to send someone a good laugh.

So, come on and join in the fun! See you March 31st!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Harleys and Hounds" Annual Fur Ball by Rescue the Animals

The annual Fur Ball in Abilene, Texas came off without a howl! They sold out of tickets and a great time was had by all. This is Jake the pug who steels the show every year! His Harley outfit was a scream. You might not be able to tell but he has on a leather jacket and blue jeans! He lets his owner just carry him around and show him off. They both were shook a leg in the small dog dance, but, he didn't win, he was robbed!
Adorable banner! A lot of Harley riders showed up with their dogs, both all dressed in their leathers!
A face only his "muddah" could love!
Harley love!
Where dog are invited to sit at the table with their own treats. These cute blonds were having a great time!
Two hot chicks out on the town.
This lil' cutie had all the boy dogs trailing after her!
Nuf said......
Just adorable!
Cutie pie with a Keith Richards hair!
It was hard to get photos that weren't blurry,
they were all so excited it was hard to stay still!
The Harley store in town must have been wiped out for this event. 
My favorite was the PINK!
This lil' guy was so tired he could hardly keep his eyes open!
Even poodles can be "Bad to the Bone!"
My mom, Mary and one of the head organizers, Jo Ann.
I think they both looked cute.
I should have bought my mom some leather pants!
Jo Ann and yours truly.
Time to sign off with Jake. After his photo was taken by everyone he was ready to go home for a nap!
The reason we were all there. Rescue the Animals of Abilene works overtime to help as many animals as they can. They are on Facebook if you'd like to see more!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Giveaway Trio- Winners

I thought the best way to start a Monday is with the 
winners of my Valentine Giveaway!!
The Winner of the RED Valentine giveaway is..
Sue who's blog is the Wicked Faerie Queen!

The Winner of the BLUE giveaway is Jackie of 
Pretty Ragged Threads,
Last but not least the winner of the PINK giveaway is Ricki who's blog is called Ricki Jewelry.
Congrats to all three, I hope you enjoy the collection of goodies I gathered for you!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Giveaway Trio!

I know I have odd giveaways but,
 I think they're fun and a little different! 
(Plus I have a house full of workmen and I can't get back n my room to add more to these give-aways!!!) 
I'm thinking that with everything included you could make a charm bracelet, a necklace or maybe enhance a Valentine box! Each grouping with have a handful of mother of pearl buttons, a ballet dancer, earrings,and in this red group a bracelet and some silly match boxes!!
This pink dish was my first attempt at latex so it's not perfect but, I thought it might make a cute addition to your studio! This is the same grouping of odds and ends just in pink! You can't have Valentine's day without PINK!
Here again is another Valentine stash of goodies, only in blue! The little light blue bowl has a vintage valentine and old blue buttons. This was my second attempt to use the latex or whatever it's called and it turned out a little better. Maybe a cute candy dish? 
I don't think you can see the blue earrings but they're there with a cute ballet dancer and a blue pistol and a cute shower favor from the 50's. I have no idea what you can do with all of this, be creative!!
You know the routine, just join to be a member if you're not already and leave a comment.  Chose which color you like the best and your second choice.
Happy Valentine's Day to my sweet blogger gal pals!!
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