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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My "Holy Grail" find of an Antique Wedding Shadow Box!

As many of you know, my main obsession/hobby is to collect antique wedding anything! I have cake toppers, I have tons of wedding cabinet photos and even marriage certificates. SO!,I had to share with you my favorite purchase of all time. To me this is the "Holy Grail" of vintage wedding items. It's a wedding shadow box from the 1910s? I'm guessing the age just by the looks of the age of the photograph. I found this at the entrance to the Junk Gypsy booth in Round Top this past March. I almost tripped my friend Charlene to get to it first. Although being the great friend that she is, she demanded that I buy it on the spot! So....I did!

I have tried to find the history behind these shadow boxes without much luck. I assume they were just a way to preserve the wedding photo, the veil and sometimes part of the bridal bouquet. I haven't found the perfect spot yet, I assume it will go in "my room" but it's just so pretty I wish I had a way to display it better. So my partners in crime out there in blog land, if you ever see one of these as you're walking through an antique shop or cleaning out your grandmother's attic ,
please contact me!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Turn out the lights, the party's almost over, but only after the JUNK GYPSY PROM

That adorable Junk Gypsy Amie never lets us down, she always looks adorable! She just threw a "little something" together!
And Janie is looking oh so diva even though she was dealing with the trauma  of one of her chickens losing a toe in the storm door. Both Janie and the chicken survived the prom just fine.
Oh Lordy, then there's Dakota who is always the life of the party and never dissapoints us each year with his outfits! He said he was in a rush this year to make costume so he  had to make due with a loin cloth, darn, just hate it when that happens! Isn't he just
the cutest lil' thing!
Then I drive 5 hours from home and see someone from the same town I haven't seen in ages, Miss Cindy Boehme!
Well, all I can say is we were in south Texas, ya never know what you're gonna  see!
The band was great but once the clock hit midnight it was time to
"turn out the lights, the party was over",.....till September!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sassy Friends in Round Top

Group shot of the gaggle of us at the Bloggers Party!  What a wonderful group of creative women. It was fun to finally meet everyone face to face!
I'm not sure why there was a big plastic armadillo with a pink wig and bunny ears  outside of abooth but it was perfect for a Photo Op! Not something you see everyday!
We flipped to see who would have to drive pulling the trailer next time. I say Susie should! I brought the flamingos! 
I'm not sure what they are but we found a blond one!
Karen and Ricki found something really cool so they're both thinking, can I make that?
What a small world, I even got to visit with some of the ol' gang from high school,
adorable sisters,Tandy and Tally.
Miss Karen just taking a break in a shady spot......hey that's my beer!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Once upon a time in the magical land of Magnolia Pearl

In a land far, far away in a place called Marburger Farm, there was a castle called Magnolia Pearl. It was surrounded by a moat of happiness and beauty. All who entered were greeted with hugs and smiles and assisted by beautiful girls all wearing the clothes we were all waiting in line to try on!
Even the castle birds had a special cage to roost in.
The Queen displayed all her wonderful creations for all to see and left us all in awe.
Her ball gowns were designed with all the creativity the magical queen could master.
So I asked her to help me pick the perfect person to win the "Magical Magnolia Pearl Bloomers."
She chose number 7!
So the winner was Kim Hanauer!  Her blog can be found at kimhanauer.blogspot.com

So once that was taken care of...it was time to shop!! So with lots of Robin's help,
I tried on everything in the booth, and I do mean everything and packed two bags full of wonderful treasures!
So with my bags packed and m new outfit on, I went to checkout..
After these two lovely ladies added, and added, and added, I almost fainted when I saw the total!  But, after looking at all the wonderful things I had in my bags, I just smiled and headed to hide my new "pearls" in my coach out in the parking lot.
I hugged the handsome king goodbye,
Said a sad good-bye to my favorite girl Faith,
Took one last look on my way out of the booth and thought...did I get  one of those???
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