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Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Fur Ball Time again!

Jake the pug finally won the costume contest! His owner spends hours making his costumes every year! It's like Susan Lucci being nominated 900 times for the daytime Soap awards and she never wins!
This puppy was pooped before the party even started!
"Can you hear me now?"
This cutie looked a little hot in her coat,
 but she was smiling the entire time!
This little man sat at our table, what a cutie!
She was the belle of the ball!
Cinderella had the most beautiful costume!
Her evil step-sisters were to hipper to hold still so their loss!
These two would not put their new puppy down!
Nice to see that their parents are teaching them the responsibility of owning a pet!
All that getting ready just pooped this pooch out!
Talk about a face you could love! 
It's a free-for-all but so much fun to watch!

This is my mom and Jakes owner.
It's a new tradition for mom and I to go every year!
I missed out last year so I was determined to
go this year!
True love! Mama loves her baby!
"Was that a table for two, please follow me..."
Turn out the lights, the party's over........
What a wonderful Valentine's Day celebration! 
I hear they had record numbers this year! 
Way to go to all the volunteers who contribute their time and money! This is one event I never plan to miss!!
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