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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Art Camp with Terri Brush

I know you've been wondering, where the heck is that woman? I wish I could say that I have had a summer long adventure but sadly, it's just the opposite! I've been sweltering in this Texas heat and I have had a pretty boring summer. 
HOWEVER, the summer is over and it was time to party with the girls. Going to Terri Brush's Art Camp was just the ticket! There were 40 wonderful, creative women who attended and 
we all had so much fun!
This was the first project, a tree topper doll with Coleen Moody. I LOVED her class! We all did! The loud chatter was soon replaced with the excitement......and loud clatter! 

This was Coleen's example, and this was what I decided to make..... a bride. I know, I just couldn't help it. But, I think she turned out pretty cute!
This was the second class with Natalie. We got our "spooky on" making a witch's hat that lights up. It was hilarious watching and listening to all of us covered in Modge podge, gossiping, snacking and maybe having a little wine. We were slopping glue, glitter and paint all over the place. Lord what a mess we made! I'm sure Terri and the crew were cursing us as they tried to clean it all up.
This was my version of the Witch's hat.
I think it turned out cute!
Gracie came in for a closer look!
Thanks for stopping by, I promise to post more, 
I have just been a lazy bones and using Facebook, bad blogger!
Big Texas hugs coming your way!

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