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Saturday, March 9, 2013

I feel like Charlie Chaplin

I feel like Charlie Chaplin from my head down to my toes,
My body is all broken let me share my tale of woe.
You see I've had the shingles, a cold, and the flu, 
just when I thought I was better, 
they want to fill my back with glue!

I look like Charlie Chaplin because I'm walking with a cane, 
But, If I don't recover soon, I think I'll go insane!
I weeble and I wooble cause there's a monster on my back
They think that I have fluid, it's in a little sack.

I've been poked and probed and all but hung out to dry,
My body's all worn out but I'm not gonna cry!
I'm living in the moment even though it's in the trash,
I'm coming back, bigger than ever, then you can call me Flash   So please promise to pop back in,
I'll spin more tales from the looney bin! n
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