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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Parkinson's Quilt Square

This is the 2ft x 2ft quilt square that I sent in to the Parkinson's Foundation to be apart of a huge quilt that will travel the globe spreading the word about the disease and the hopes for a cure. This is of coarse a cause close to me having being diagnosed 4 years ago. I wrote the poem in the bottom corner. If you'd like to see the quilt in it's entirety you can find them on Facebook under the Parkinson's Disease Foundation. Thanks for letting me share. :)
Are you shocked it's a mini wedding dress, of coarse!

"Bound by movement and lack of grace, sometimes they're days you don't want to face.
But through the weavings of ribbon and lace, I've found the peace to slow my pace.
A marriage of hope and patience of mind, time to reflect but hard to unwind.
So I create this piece with seams I did bind, in hopes of a cure in plenty of time."


Lea said...

Oh, Cindy, this touches the depths of my heart. My Mom had Parkinson's and this entry brought memories flooding back over me.

Your work is impeccable and I so admire your spirit!

Sweet blessings to you!

Susan said...

You are such an inspiration to all!

Unknown said...

Cindy You are just amazing! The dear little lady that lives across the street from me has it to and she is still doing well for age close to 90yrs. She did get it later in life or at least that is when she found out. Now I will have to keep close tabs on you. I'm the one that asked you Why Salt? I was thinking about you yesterday when it went to a Goodwill and found 2 wedding dress, one on the rack and one that had been cleaned and stored in one of those special boxes, 24.99 each, hope that is a good price as they do have a ton of beautiful trimming on them and the fabric is very thick and heavy, beautiful quality. Take care and Happy Valentine's day, that is a great piece that you donated. Bless you! Hugs Marilou

Charlene said...

With tears in my eyes I see your amazing talent & courage. YOU my friend are an inspiration! I admire your strength, spunk, talent & LOVE! I'm always there for you girl. BIG HUGS & your work is beautiful. YOU should be proud. I know I am.
Love Ya

gracie said...

Keep your spirtis high and courage strong. The quilt piece is lovely and the poem as well.

Karen Valentine said...

You always inspire me!! I can't even imagine what it is like, to live with something like that. I pray the good days far out weigh the bad for you. Your quilt block is great and I am heading over there now to see more of it!!
Love you girl!

bikim said...

that is lovely!
and your blog gorgeous!

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