Monday, January 31, 2011

Thank you Paula of Tattered Gold  for including me in your list for the Stylish Blog Award! Paula asked those of us who were included on her list to make our own list and then tell us 8 things that our friends in blog land might not know about us.
OK 8 things you might not know, hummmmmm, ok here goes.
  1. OK, a funny one first. I hate veggies. I'll eat a salad, baked potato, corn, black eyed pea, all the bad for you veggies but, brussel sprouts and broccoli, forget it. 
  2. Well seeing number one this should not surprise you. I am a sweet addicted fool! I could eat sweets from dawn till dark. The other day I went to lunch with some friends and actually ordered dessert as my meal, I swear! They all looked at me like I was crazy!
  3. I, like my friend Paula, have a deathly fear of water. I tried taking swimming lessons as a child and I never "caught on." I think this shocks people more than anything else I could tell you about myself. That being said, I could live by the ocean and hear the serf, walk the beach and smell the sea air for the rest of my life. 
  4. I have always had animals in my life, always. Even in college I couldn't have a cat so I had a hamster! I could easily the the crazy cat lady with a big house and a little land to rescue as many cats as I wanted. But, right now I'm down to one old tom cat who appeared on my doorstep, hungry and close to dying. We have taken him in and love him dearly, his name is Moses.
  5. I'm an inside girl. I don't like to play sports, hike, bike or an other form of exercise! And OMG  the out ! EEK! Mr smarty pants  husband, says my idea of camping is a hotel with no room service. 
  6. I adore anything to do with old weddings. Dresses, photos, cake toppers,and wedding lace. I look at the old wedding dresses or photos and wonder, what was this bride thinking as she stood at the back of the church. Is she thinking oh egads I do hate his mother, or is she thinking this is the love of my life I'm about to marry.
  7. I love Vampire and Werewolf movies and books. I have read all the First Blood series years ago, all the Twilight, and yes, I'm an Edward fan. I think I have seen every movie ever made about both!!
  8. Last one, lets see. Oh I am a horrible, horrible speller!! I blame it on those years in public school when they were trying out the "pod system" where you were in a huge room that held 4 classrooms. Ring any bells to the teachers out there. I'm glad they don't do that anymore! The End! Whew! 
Here is my list of recent favorites, this was hard because there are so many that I adore. Oh remember if you're on the list, tell us 8 things about you and give us your list!!


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you on
#2, 3, 5, and 7
Love Love Edward :)

Karen Valentine said...

Well that was fun!!! Can we still be BBF's if I am a Jacob fan???? lol. I'll give my list some thought and post about it later in week. Have an awesome week girley!!!!
ps. Sorry I forgot to call yesterday. Let's talk soon!

Charlene said...

Thank YOu Sweet Girl for listing me. 8 THINGS..... Hmmmmmmmmm I'll have to think on that one. Stay warm & think wedding dresses & crafting. This CAN'T last forever! We SOUTHERN girls hate COLD! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

You are a hoot! I don't know how you stay so svelte for someone who cares not for her greens? Like you, I too have a ferocious sweet-tooth. However, I must workout every day to afford myself this must-have indulgence! :)

Like you, I too have furry-footed ones as companions all my life. I have even had a hamster! Her name was Sunshine ... the sweetest little bundle of fur I have ever known. And quite smart too! I have even had reptiles as companions ... those with no legs as well. :)

I am so very happy we have found each other over the blog waves. For it has been a pleasure getting to know you! By the way, from my end, it doesn't appear that the image of the blog award is showing up on your blog. Perhaps you might want to reinstall the picture so your people can pick it up. I look forward to checking out your chosen eight!~ Have a wonderful week, my friend. May your footfalls lead you lightly ...

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