Monday, May 2, 2011

The Cloverleaf, the Disneyland of Ardmore Oklahoma!

It was love at first sight! I wanted to take him home when I saw him at Round Top, but he wasn't for sale! I thought I would never find out where he came from...

 But fate brought us together! My friend Charlene and I went to the Glitter Market in Oklahoma City, which was so much fun, that post will be next. So we're at Glitter Market and this wonderful woman Carol said, we just had to stop by the Cloverleaf in Ardmore on our way home.
And this is the Cloverleaf! My jaw fell to the ground and I ran around like an idiot for an hour saying, "o-o-o- I want that, no, I want that! I had to make do with photos because most of the things I wanted were not for sale darn-it. But there is one item I plan to plead and offer anything to get.
No not him! Although, he is the best kind of man, the handsome quiet type!
Nope still not going to tell you until I have it in my hands! But can you believe what a find this place is! I could see this sign in my studio in a heartbeat!
I could use this elephant for...a planter, a trash can, who cares, I love it! It reminded me of the new movie,"Like water for Elephants." This is as close as I can get, I hear the movie is sad, and I can't watch movies about animals being treated bad, it haunts me for weeks! But, if I could take this home too, everyone gets a ride!
And who who wouldn't love an ice cream trash can! 
Oh soooo awesome!
I think I'd put him next to the Funeral Parking only sign! My husband already thinks I'm crazy and belong in a looney bin because of all my crazy collections, this way I'll have my own personalized parking spot!!! Don't ya just love a man in tights!
I would love to surprise my sister -in-law the attorney with this in her yard! Aw, come-on,  it'd be funny! 
Alice in Wonderland..."Off with their heads!!!!"
Ok even these chicks were a little to wild for me, but oh so cool! Sock it to me baby!
Makes me think of the Junk Gypsy Prom! I wonder if any of them are my size???
I wonder if she served frito pie and RC cola!
Now this head I would hang in my studio because it'd plastic! And until now I didn't even notice the juke box under the cowboy hat, add that to the list!

This is the item I wanted! It's a vintage perfume dispenser from the 1950s. I thought maybe this would be in my price range but she wanted $800, RATS! So once again fellow bloggers if you ever see one of these let me know!!!


Lea said...

Oh, I've been to Ok. City so many times when visiting our daughter in Stillwater, but have never been here. Look like I missed a real treat! What a cute, cute post!

Charlene said...

I voting for "handsome quiet type"! Oh what a place that was! It was the most fun watching YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS!

Diana said...

OMG what a hoot of a place. The owners of that store certainly have fun collecting all their kitch. I can see why you and Charlene had such a great time. I would just have to have the chandelier in the "dance tonight" photo.

Connie in Hartwood said...

What caught my eye among all the wonderful treasures was the greyhound statue beside the Funeral Parking sign. My greyhound collection is out of control ... and I don't have that one. :)

It looks like you had great fun on your shopping trip!

purplegirl said...

I got the chance to visit Cloverleaf and I found a million things I liked, but everything I picked up was close to a million dollars. Fun to look, but depressing to turn the tag!

Unknown said...

I will never go back! Cheap clothes at extravagant prices. No wonder they have 70 percent off, it' s because they're gouging customers. Their attitudes are terrible and rude. I rate them a big fat 0!

Unknown said...

I had a bad experience same with Geri Willis.


OKC Craigslist Garage Sales said...

Hi Cindy! How fun! Thank you for taking me with you to Disneyland! I can't believe that I live 15 minutes from The Cloverleaf and have never been... before today, that is. My stupid diabetic neuropathy keeps me from getting out, but you made me feel like I was there!

Thanks again best wishes,
Kristi Kirk Trent

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