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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hotter than Hell Antiquing in Canton Texas!

Girls Gone Junkin" is my favorite place. We seem to collect all the same things, I've even seen Kathy at estate sales before and we've been grabbin, nabbin', and making piles of stuff to buy side by side!
I've always wanted a pink car, 1950s pink and white Cadillac with a convertible top. Just put the top down and fly down the highway to my next adventure!
These are tiny salt and pepper shakers with pearls in the bottom and bling on the front, love it!
I can never pass up their crochet items, I ended up with two mint green tops, this rack was almost cleaned off by the time I left the booth. They have such wonderful things!
The cutest cashiers in Texas! They like to use old pattern paper to wrap your purchases in, too fun.
Take a plain church folding chair and add tea stained cheesecloth and some tea stained roses and wa-la, lunch is served.
There are a million things to do with old box springs, leave it to the GGJ girls to come up with something this cute.
I'm always so drawn to old plated silver. I often wonder who used it for a grand party or a family holiday dinner. I use it for every day. I just noticed the punch bowl and I'm kicking myself for not buying it!
It's just a jar and a spoon but "junkafied."
A mantle covered in goodies.
Everyone needs a carousel horse hanging from the ceiling! With a boa of coarse!
Even the simple seems divine because of the patina surrounding it.
I wanted this too but I don't have a place for it.....yet.
This is my Karen Valentine photo, thought of you Miss Karen when I saw this!
Just makes me smile. :)
SO many goodies, so little time, and a cart too small to carry any more.
I wonder if this was originally bought  for a young bride's wedding night?
After we left the GGJ booth we headed up to the Civic Center for an air conditioned lunch with the best pie for desert! They have to serve this pie inside because if a breeze came by it would float this meringue right on this coconut cream pie. 
We were all looking at Charlene like, "uh, whatcha gonna do with those r-e-a-l-l-y big scissors?  No worries she didn't buy them. I think they were used for either ribbon cutting ceremonies or dress making.
Crochet again, always catches my eye.
I may be calling to buy this after all, isn't it pretty! It looked a little more gray in person but I didn't notice the shimmer until right now.
Kim Hanauer's wonderful pieces. She loves to work with frozen charlotte dolls, I love everything that she does!
Frozen charlotte dolls of every type, fun huh?
I just enjoy going to Canton and soak in all the different ideas and creativity. This booth made me think, yes after a cool bath, my head will hit the pillow with sweet dreams of a fun day with great friends.
There were bins and bins of linens. I was overwhelmed!
I bought this and have no idea what I'm going to do with it but I couldn't resist.
Can't you see this in a studio!
I'm kicking myself for not buying this too. It was $199! A bit high but I bet she would have made me a deal.
What a great look!
A huge old doctor's bag!
Antique Valentines for a steal!
Tons and tons of old bottles everywhere you looked, just waiting to be altered.
Chicken feeder anyone?
These were 25 cents a piece!
My last purchase and it was time to go home so I gave my best "boo-boo face." But, Charlene and the rest of the girls were so hot we just couldn't shop any more. It was a really fun trip with Charlene, Lu Lu, Sherry and Kim. We all looked so yucky and sweaty we didn't want photos! We were one stinky lot!!!!


Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

{Swoon} where are my vapors? {giggle}...I see so many things that I want! I just recently found a black crinoline at a fabulous price which is unusual for my area...I'd love to have the cream colored or white one too..and that painting of the ballet dancers..just fabulous. I know you had a big time.

Girl, I've lived in Texas and that "hotter than hell" is a perfect description of the heat out there.

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥

Rhonda said...

Well, it's hotter than hell here in Arizona, yikes. We got spoiled by the beautiful cool spring we were having.

That painting of the ballet dancers is my favorite image - however, all those creamy white laces tugged at my heart a lot.

Unknown said...

Too cute Cindy, now I'll be showing my age but I remember when I used to have and wear crinolines like that, I ad one exactly like that white one you have in your hands. We used to starch them in clear Knox gelatin and lay them in a circle over a rack to dry or sometimes in the bathtub. lol. Have fun sweet lady, love all the pic's! Hugs Marilou

Charlene said...

I start sweating just looking at the photos!!!! No wonder there was P&R! What a fun day though & THANK YOU for riding with me & sharing photos since I was so DUMB to not bring my camera! Hope your headaches go away! HUGS!

Karen Valentine said...

It all looks so wonderful!! It almost would have been worth putting up with the heat and humidity to hang out with you girls!! Miss ya!!

Sandy Navarro said...


I would have given anything to be with ya'll even in the heat! What a great time and sorry you had to do the boo boo face; a girl just can't have enough "stuff"! Someone I know MUST have that dress! It looked white in Charlene's post, but now I see the grey shimmer; FabUlous!

Can't wait til the next time I see ya!


Bohemian said...

I would have braved the furnaces of hell to behold all this splendor! *winks* Well, I'm from Phoenix so it wouldn't be so difficult, we're climatized and oblivious to scorching heat. *LOL*

I'm loving the Photo of the Old Door with the Crocheted Bunting Banner especially... and I mos def would have bought that Gray Crocheted Dress ensemble... even if it didn't fit, it would be a definite inspiration piece to make the diet work! *Smiles*

Thanks for taking us on the virtual tour of this great Show... wish I couldda been there.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Honey at 2805 said...

Nice tour! And you vintage wedding photo gallery is terrific!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog, the lace pieces are gorgeous! Wish I could find stashes like that!

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