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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm Late to my own wedding!

I had this nagging feeling today that I was forgetting something..then the lightbulb goes on  at 10:30pm, I'm late to my own Wedding Party! I am so excited to join angelicaccents.blogspot.com for this wonderful party!
I think I have collected about 100 vintage wedding photos from the 1900s to the 1960s. The earlier ones are my favorites.
You can go to the header above and click on Vintage Wedding Photos and t will take you to my Flickr account and you can download anything you want! I have collected these for several years and I am addicted!
I always look at these photos and wonder what were they  thinking? Did they love their spouse to be or was it an arranged marriage?
The different styles of dresses and even how they are posed have changed over the years. These flapper brides are just beautiful! And look at the flowers!
You can tell that this bride came from money by the size of the bouquet and the gorgeous  lace her gown is made from. Plus, ah, to be a little catty, this is not what I would call a beautiful bride so I have a feeling her dowery was very large!
This couple looks Greek because of the high crown of her veil. Neither look to happy about the upcoming nuptials!
This is one of my favorite photos because the woman I bought it from  said it was her daughter,"She was a beautiful bride, but she married a rat bastard!" I laughed so hard I almost got the vapors!
What an adorable flapper bride! Now I want to think that these two are in love, they just look so young and innocent. I think she looks like a fairytale princess with her flowers in her hands and surrounding her feet.
OK, nobody looks happy in this photo! The bride looks like she wants to say, "Help, get me out of here!"
This is a terrible photo but I wanted to show you my latest prize. In the middle is a music  box with the bride and groom on the top. Of coarse it plays,"Here comes the Bride." My friend Charlene saw it at Canton this past week, I had walked right by it! Way to go Charlene, she is truly my partner in crime!
I found her all by herself in the top of a closet at an estate sale, she was only $10. That makes it even more fun when you find a deal on something you love!
Again a bad photo but this is a wedding shadow box that I found in the Junk Gypsy booth in Round Top, Texas. Once again, my friend Charlene dragged me back to the booth when I started hemming and hawing bout the price and said, "Buy it!,NOW!" SO I did. Thank you again Charlene!!
This is just part of my collection of cake toppers, like all my wedding items, it's an obsession that I adore!
OK, can you guess what this bowl is filled with? Cupcake toppers. I bought everyone that I could find...this is only part of them!
I need to take a photo class this photo looks pretty poor. The lace everything is sitting on is one of the many tea stained wedding dresses I have. I have a tutorial on how to stain a wedding dress on this blog if you want to learn how. :)
These headpieces are from the "Holy Grail of estate sales. It was a woman that owned  a wedding dress shop!  She owned a shop!! I was there and hour and a half before the sale started and took my own big bags to pile everything in. As it turned out, the estate sale people gave me a CLOSET to put everything I was buying in!
These were sleeves from that same estate sale, they were only $10 a pair. I went back on Sunday morning, early of coarse, and swept EVERYTHING into my bags and everyone was whispering as I walked by,"There's that girl that bought all that stuff on friday, yesterday, and now she's back today!" I didn't care, I just wanted to pour it all over the floor and wallow in it!!
So maybe you're wondering what I do with all of this wedding lace and beaded sleeves? I made tops like this one! The beading was really hard to sew on so I've only made a couple.
A close up of the beading.
This is the back of the top. The layering is from the bottom of a wedding dress, it's my favorite so far. I think because it took me s long to finish it! I won't wear it this Texas heat, I'm afraid to get to hot and ruin it. SIlly I know!
Thank you for joining me for the wedding party. Sorry I showed up late to the party but I made it in time for the reception!


The Feathered Nest said...

oh. my. goodness....I am absolutely SPEECHLESS!!!! The beauties you scored at the estate sale are so amazing Cindy!!!! And the gorgeous blouses you created are even more beautiful....you deserve those treasures girl if these are what you make!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

romance-of-roses said...

Wow this is fabulous. Better late than never. I would say you know how to shop, in capital letters. I'm in love with everything and all the old photos are amazing.

Unknown said...

Better late than never Cindy, I love all your great wedding stuff and pic's! What a wonderful collection! Hugs Marilou

LuLu Kellogg said...

LOVE all your treasures Cindy! And those tops you have designed...TO DIE FOR! YOU are SO talented! I am following your Blog now so I don't miss a thing!

Love ya Girlie!

VS said...

I LOVE this post sweet friend!!! Oh, you got such a AMAZING load of goodies at that estate sale...you must have been havin heart palpitations! lol I would have loved to have been with you on that ride!! ;)
All your wedding pictures are AWESOME, I remeber sittin on the floor of your studio going through your suitcases of photos, they are even more gorgeous in person. I adore that you have a vintage wedding fetish...I use to have a vintage baby fetish & collected anything vintage baby, but my house is so tiny I don't have room for all my collections anymore.
I MISS you & CP, stay cool...well we all know your 'COOL' & give TEXAS a hug for me!!! Love you...:))))

Charlene said...

Yep I am indeed a partner in crime!!!! Hee Hee! I wondered where you were when I went to the wedding site & THE WEDDING QUEEN WAS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN............. Glad you made it for you indeed "Take the Cake" HA HA! I too want to wallow in the glorious pearl studded beauty of it all... When are we gonna make some stuff??? We need to get together next week because I miss YOU! HUGS! YOUR PARTNER.........

Trisha said...

I love all the photos, especially with the little stories you added to them! The tops you make are so lovely!! Thank you for sharing!


Love Of Quilts said...

What a wonderful collection....I really like the old photos I wouldn't mind having some of thoses myself. Trish

Vicki Van Slyke said...

Hi :)
You are a girl after my own heart--I buy wedding gowns just to tear them apart for all the glorious lace and do-dads on them. Of course yesterday i bought an old bed ruffle for the islet and gathered ruffles too. I'm liable to pick up any old thing for such treasures. I really enjoyed seeing your creations. They are stunning :)
Very nice.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Dear Cindy, I'm thrilled that you joined us for the Wedding Blog Party fun!! They say to always save the best for last, and your lovely post certainly qualifies!! Your wedding photos are magnificent ~ I'll be stalking your Flckr pics soon!! Love your sweet bride dolls, cake toppers (precious itty bitty cupcake toppers, too), your music box, and the beautiful tops you've made from old gowns. I don't often admit to how many extra gowns I have in my laundry room just waiting for the creativity to "hit" me!! Sounds like you and I would have a blast shopping together!!

My out of town relatives are gone now so I'm enjoying spending all the time I want to visit my friend's wedding posts now! Such fun!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Mahrian said...

Hi dear Cindy! Wow, so beautiful images! Love vintage weddings so much! And this chice is amazing! Thanks for sharing! God bless! :D

Mixed Media/ Altered Crafts said...

A Great Post! Thanks for sharing!
And Such a Beautiful Top Creation!
Absolutely Stunning! So glad I found your blog! Bye for now. Tee

Auntie Em said...

So pretty! I love all the lace and beads and satins. It is so rich and romantic.
The pretty tops you made are gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing! :)

45645646546565 said...


sajid salih said...

Lovely collection! :) Can I know the back story of the couple image no. 9 from the top please?

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